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How To Sew with Slippery Fabric

Something you’ll realize when working with slippery fabric is that unlike most other fabrics, it is quite difficult to sew. If you’re looking for smart ways to make working with it easier, we’ve got you covered. Stick around to learn these simple tips and tricks! How To Sew with Slippery Fabrics Normally, when we’re working […]

Sewing Basics | The Must-Have Sewing Tools To Get Started

Whenever I see those crafty sewing projects posted on blogs or on YouTube, there is an urge for me to do those projects as well. If you’re thinking the same way as I do, it would be tempting to think of getting started right away. But how do we get started? Before anything else, we need […]

Basic Sewing Supplies: What You Need To Get Started

Are you just starting to get the hang of sewing? Do you want to learn what basic sewing supplies you should have in your home? We rounded-up the essential basic sewing tools for you! Read on to find out. The Basic Sewing Supplies Sewing Machine This is a machine used to stitch fabric and other […]

3 Fabulous Pincushion Ideas

Do you love sewing fashionable pincushions? We have rounded up a few brilliant ideas to satisfy your need! Take a peek! Sweet Pin Cushion Ideas 1. Flower A chic flower-like pincushion idea! For the tutorial, click the image link. 2. Strawberry A stylish and fabulous strawberry-like pincushion that you should definitely try at home! [amazon […]

Sewing 101: Needle and Thread Guide

When you’re just getting started with sewing, it is important to have a clear understanding of the various types of needles and thread that you will come across in your projects. Read on to get a comprehensive understanding of these vital items. Sewing 101: Needle and Thread Guide Sewing Machine Needles Needles come in all […]

Petersham ‘Peek’ Seam

Rethink the classic pencil skirt by adding a trim to the side-front seams. If you construct the skirt with flat-felled seams it’s easy to slip a length of ribbon into each. The result is an updated wardrobe staple with new vitality. When you cut the skirt, make the seam allowances 2cm (3⁄4“) deep; they’ll be […]

Bow Tie Dog Collar | Get Your Pup OOTD-Ready With This Sewing Project

Do you adore cute doggies wearing accessories like a bow tie? You can make this DIY bow tie dog collar for your adorable pet or for your friend’s dog. So to learn how, follow the instructions here and add this to your sewing projects.   Bow Tie Dog Collar | Get Your Pup OOTD-Ready With […]

Get To Know Your Sewing Machine: Basic Parts and Functions

Are you new to operating a sewing machine and are still confused about the different parts and functions of each? If so, this article will help you in your need. Keep scrolling and expand your knowledge.  Sewing Machine Parts and Functions Power Switch Button https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/246572148332714185/ Turns the machine on and off. Hand Wheel Allows the […]

Interfacing: What It Is and When to Use It

warm pink kit sleeping soft cotton | sewing for beginners

Interfacing is an extra layer of fabric that is sewn into your garment. It appears in collars, facings, button plackets, and other spots in the garment that need a bit of support and shaping. Learn all about it as you read on. In this article: Fusible Interfacing How to Iron Fusible Interfacing Sew-In Interfacing RELATED: Sewing […]