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Sew a Fashionable Pencil Skirt in Just 10 Minutes

Do you love pencil skirts as much as we do? It’s time to indulge yourself with this DIY fab skirt in only 10 minutes. Check out this tutorial to learn more. Make a Sensational Pencil Skirt In 10 Minutes Did you know that even famous fashionistas spend time sewing their own outfits? If you want to […]

Petersham ‘Peek’ Seam

Rethink the classic pencil skirt by adding a trim to the side-front seams. If you construct the skirt with flat-felled seams it’s easy to slip a length of ribbon into each. The result is an updated wardrobe staple with new vitality. When you cut the skirt, make the seam allowances 2cm (3⁄4“) deep; they’ll be […]