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Couture Sewing: Mastering Satin Pocket Bags

Some designer techniques are implemented purely for the enjoyment of the person wearing the garment. In elevating a garment to couture status, there often are many unsung, unseen heroes. The satin pocket bag is one of these elements; a luxurious detail, not meant to be seen by the casual observer but sure to enhance the […]

Sewing 101: Needle and Thread Guide

When you’re just getting started with sewing, it is important to have a clear understanding of the various types of needles and thread that you will come across in your projects. Read on to get a comprehensive understanding of these vital items. Sewing 101: Needle and Thread Guide Sewing Machine Needles Needles come in all […]

Petersham ‘Peek’ Seam

Rethink the classic pencil skirt by adding a trim to the side-front seams. If you construct the skirt with flat-felled seams it’s easy to slip a length of ribbon into each. The result is an updated wardrobe staple with new vitality. When you cut the skirt, make the seam allowances 2cm (3⁄4“) deep; they’ll be […]