Winter Trends | 13 Upcycling Ideas For Your Clothes & Fabric Scraps

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Say goodbye to fall fashion trends and welcome the new season with these winter trends! I’m sure you’ll be raiding your closets soon for clothes to wear for all the holiday events! But who said anything about spending?

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Be Financially Savvy With These Winter Trends!

Winter Trends Perfect for Your Upcycling Journey

Wearing new clothes to a party can boost your confidence. But why spend that extra buck when you can upcycle your existing clothes? Winter trends need not be expensive or completely new!

I’ve been upcycling clothes even before I knew what upcycling was. Needless to say, I’ve saved a lot of money doing this and not only that, I’ve learned a thing or two too!

Now, let’s kickstart your upcycling tradition. Check out these 13 ideas for your clothes and fabric scraps!

1. Maxi Skirt

woman in white and green dress standing on dock | winter trendsI’ve always been a fan of maxi skirts, especially ones with fabulous colors. I sometimes even have a hard time choosing just one! They’re comfortable, they’re pretty and definitely warm – perfect for winter!

2. Ear Warmers

pretty blonde girl posing smiling on | winter trends
My daughter and I absolutely love ear warmers. They keep your ears warm, your hair pulled back, and your day brighter. And all you need is a few scraps of extra fabric and voila!

3. Flowy Shirt

woman on a flower field | winter trendsDon’t throw away those shirts yet! Perfectly flowy and a perfect match to a pair of jeans or slacks. This will definitely breathe life back to your old shirts.

Now these are winter trends you can’t let slide.

4. Veiled Beanie

woman in red knit cap and brown sweater | winter trendsBeanies will definitely make their appearance this winter to stave off the cold. But what if you want a touch of mystery on your holiday beanie? Then it’s time to get to work!

5. Slip Extender

Don’t throw away that skirt just yet! With a little bit of cloth (may I suggest lace?), you could transform your skirt into something edgy or classy.

When it comes to working with winter trends, the choice is up to you!

6. Pearl Gloves

My daughter tends to grow bored with her gloves every winter. But she has to wear them on a nearly daily basis. So how about adding pearls to make her feel grown-up and classy?

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7. Fingerless Mittens

womens hands gray fingerless knitted mittens | winter trends
I prefer fingerless mittens over regular mittens. I mean, who doesn’t love wiggling their fingers even in mittens? Plus it’s vital when sewing.

Winter trends like these are practical. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they’re so easy to make!

8. Pencil Skirt

Need a fancy skirt for that office party? Take out that lace shirt that you never wear anymore and turn it into the eye catcher of the night!

9. Tulle Skirt

woman wearing white skirt | winter trendsNothing says holidays better than a puffy tulle skirt! So make use of that old prom dress, and breathe new life into it with an upcycled skirt!

10. Shift Dress

young beautiful very attractive asian girl | winter trends
A shift dress can pass for both casual and formal wear. With its flattering cut, it’s sure to be a classic conversation starter in parties.

Chilly? Throw on a nice cardigan and you’re good to go!

11. Sweater Boots

girl nice manicure gray dress ugg | winter trends
We all know how cold it gets during winter. And no body part suffers more than our feet, with all the walking we’re expected to do. How about giving them a little love and warmth?

Turn your old sweater into warm, fuzzy boots!

12. Half-Sleeved Tee

My husband has a surplus of polo shirts he doesn’t wear anymore. Instead of throwing it away, why not upcycle it to something I could wear?

Winter trends like a half-sleeved tee are my favorite. They encourage me to trying layering my outfits.

13. Patchwork Jeans

applying patches denim embroidered sequin decorative | winter trendsJeans are one of the articles of clothing that never go out of style, regardless of the season. However, they can sometimes get a bit bland and boring. Spice them up by adding patches for that slightly rugged look!

Want to see how to upcycle your clothes to make them couture? Watch this video by BlueprintDIY!

I hope you found projects you can try to sew this season too! Because you can still own winter trends without spending a dime.
Which winter trends will you try upcycling this season? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published 0n November 22, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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