10 Knitted Poncho Ideas To Make Your Kids Winter-Proof

A knitted poncho is a winter staple to keep your kids warm and cozy. Here are some amazing ideas to inspire you to pick up your knitting needles and make them some new ones!

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Knitted Poncho Inspirations For A Warm and Cozy Winter

Projects That’ll Make You Love the Knitted Poncho

It’s such a struggle dressing my kids during winter. They don’t like layers, they lose their hats and mittens, the winter storage situation is out of whack. But that was only until I discovered the wonders of the homemade knitted poncho.

The classic design makes it perfect for everyone, from babies to teenagers. My kids enjoy choosing colors for their handmade knitted poncho. And they love wearing them because they’re so warm and comforting—like a big hug from mom!

I can’t wait to knit this year’s batch of ponchos—I’m using this list as my mood board, and I hope you will too!

1. Blue Striped Poncho

What a timeless yet funky pattern! Keeping the colors within one color family really gives a striped knitted poncho an edge. Blue is a great idea to start with because it will always go with a pair of jeans.

2. Buttoned Poncho

winter early spring portrait pretty young | knitted poncho

How sweet is this knitted poncho inspiration? A matching knitted headband is such a light bulb moment! You can even add heart-shaped buttons for pure adorableness!
Even if you go for a neutral color, a knitted poncho set will still look girly. Your little one will feel just like a princess!

3. Cable Knit Poncho With Leaves

A diamond pattern, with an amazing cowl neck, and some leaves? Now that’s what makes a showstopper of a knitted poncho! What a way to make a statement!

4. Cellular Knit Kids Poncho

girl child red knitted poncho leaf | knitted poncho

Want the comfiest, warmest knitted poncho ever? Combine small hints of different hues scattered here and there. Then add two different stitch styles! Now you’ve got a comfy homemade poncho!

5. Chunky Hooded Poncho

outdoor portrait adorable happy little toddler | knitted poncho

My kids always seem to lose their hats during wintertime—and it makes me lose my temper! A hooded poncho is an ingenious idea. You get two-in-one protection against the cold at all times.

This idea just saved me and my kids a lot of grief!

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6. Dream Poncho

happy fashion little girl wearing bonnet | knitted poncho

Even a basic knit hoodie makes such a cute impact when paired with a matching bonnet! Plus, your little one stays extra warm, thanks to the hat.

7. Hooded Knitted Poncho With Pompoms

Try a deep plum color to draw the eye. Plus a cute pair of pompoms attached to the hood to keep it playful and fresh.

This proves that a basic knitting pattern can still make your kids’ knitted poncho stand out!

8. Little Red Riding Hood Baby Poncho

beautiful happy little girl teddy bear | knitted poncho

Who doesn’t want their little girls to look as adorable as Little Red Riding Hood? So flex your fine knitting skills to make this essential winter wardrobe. This classic style makes it perfect for passing on to younger siblings or cousins!

9. Song of Spring Poncho

smiling beautiful girl white hat blue | knitted poncho

Add a large braided detail in front of the poncho. Then couple it with a striking color like turquoise for the major “wow” effect! Give this idea a try when making your own knitted poncho for kids!

10. Striped Hooded Poncho

adorable toddler girl walking park on | knitted poncho
We all love equal parts practical and whimsical. This is exactly what kids should be wearing during the wintertime! I bet my kids wouldn’t want to take off a striped hooded poncho even when spring comes!

Aren’t these knitted poncho pegs so inspiring? I can’t wait to make matching sets for me and the kids! If you want a more in-depth how-to, watch this video by BE Healthy and Beautifull:

I am loving how these knitted poncho ideas are helping me ward off the winter gloom! Knitting is a great way to spend your free time indoors. So I hope you give any of these knitted ponchos a shot!

Which knitted poncho did you like best? Tell me in the comments below! 


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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published 0n January 27, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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