How to Organize Fabrics: 11 Brilliant Ways to Store Fabric

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Take your sewing room organization to the next level! Find out how to organize fabrics to keep your sewing efficient. Take notes as we show you 11 brilliant ways to keep your fabrics organized!

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How to Organize Fabrics to Keep Your Sewing Room in Order

1. Rolled onto Cardboards

rolls natural high fashion fabrics textiles | fabric stash management
Most of our spare fabrics are usually thin enough to be rolled onto cardboard. Arrange these cardboards on your shelves for better organization. Easy peasy but helpful!

2. Shelves

colorful cloth | fabric stash managementInvesting in shelves is always a good idea. Especially if you’re looking for the fastest way on how to organize fabrics. You can arrange them by fabric type or by color.

3. Upcycled Racks

colorful fabric hanging dry after traditional | fabric stash managementTrying to crack organization hacks is a great way to push your creative limits! Upcycling racks are great for sewers who want to do more DIY projects. This may be the top of mind on how to organize fabrics.

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4. Filing Folder

cabinet documents archive | fabric stash managementYou might think filing cabinets are only for folders and documents. But guess what? You can also store fabrics in them!

It’s actually pretty nifty to store them this way. Not only can you see your archive of fabric, it also saves a lot of space!

5. Use Wire Baskets

organizing clothes folding stuff basket boxes | fabric stash managementWire baskets can give you a peek of which fabrics are stored within them. As a bonus, you can also stack them up! This idea on how to organize fabric is pure genius!

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6. Use Hangers

color palette sample picker leather material | fabric stash management
If you’ve got spare closets at home, this is perfect for you! You can even arrange them by color for better organization. Oh, and they look easier on the eyes too.

7. Hang Through Curtain Rods

colorful fabric hangers woven swatches | fabric stash managementAnother brilliant idea on how to organize fabrics is to hang them from curtain rods. Use clothespins for your folded fabrics. This way, you can easily see what fabrics you have on hand.

8. Rolled in Baskets or Boxes

hemp cloth rope crate on wooden | fabric stash management
For your smaller scraps of fabric, you can roll them and store them upright in cute boxes. You can seal them by tying ribbons around them. Putting labels can be pretty nifty, too!

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9. Fancy Glass Jars

woman white linen dress empty glass | fabric stash management
Get some medieval apothecary vibes with this glass jar! Keeping your fabrics inside this keeps your sewing room organized. Plus, you’d also be taking your aesthetic to the next level.

This lovely how to organize fabrics idea is magazine-worthy!

10. Store them in Dressers

open drawer folded towels order kitchen | fabric stash managementFabrics can attract lots of minute particles like dust, bugs, and even small rodents. Keep your precious fabric-safe by storing them in dresser drawers! For aesthetic purposes, store yours in a beautiful dresser that looks very boho-chic.

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11. Keep Fabrics in Plastic Tubs

stack plastic baskets on shelf | fabric stash managementFold your fabrics neatly and store them in stackable plastic tubs. You may also keep the cotton fabrics in one tub, the linens in another, and so on.

This genius how to organize fabrics tip is definitely one for the books!

Watch this video from SewCanShe for more tips on how to organize fabrics:

Never miss out on your beautiful fabrics again! With these 11 tips on how to organize fabrics, you will always be ready for your next big sewing project!

Do you have other ideas on how to organize fabrics? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published 0n September 26, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

12 thoughts on “How to Organize Fabrics: 11 Brilliant Ways to Store Fabric

  1. Cynthia Shanley says:

    Am I the only one who has dust in the house? Between 3 dogs, a woodstove in cold weather and open windows overlooking gardens in warm weather, it can get dusty here! As much as I love the ideas showcasing all that yummy fabric, they just won’t work for me. Plastic under bed bins are my current go to, with fabric folded over cardboard comic book stock. I’m trying to keep like fabric together (knits with knits, etc). I found that I forgot about a lot of great pieces when I sorted by color. Scraps are another matter. Lets not go there!

  2. Debby E says:

    I like to use zip storage bags that new sheet sets come in and I have friends collect the ones store bought bedding sets (yep-store bought!) come in – they’re perfect for keeping dust off my fabric stored on open shelves and I can see exactly what’s in them! Also use bins and storage cabinet with doors.

  3. Sandr Williamson says:

    Are those boxes acid-free? I highly doubt it. Also, ISPS don’t view them as free but payment’s later rather than the typical buy box & when shipping, charge doesn’t include container cost included.

  4. Deborah Gilham says:

    I bought a restaurant size plastic wrap. I wrapped all my fabric individually. Used a sharpie to label different types and yardage. Then sorted according to types. Its working out well. Then i don’t get side tracted! deborahgilham6

  5. Joyce Thurman says:

    Using mailing boxes is great BUT telling people to go get them for free is cheating the Postal Service! They’re for mailing your packages. Maybe that is one of the reasons the post office is going broke.

  6. Nell Kozub says:

    I use totes with them inventoried on the computer. Number the totes and I can check what I have easily enough. I did have 24 totes of fabirc but am donw th about 18 now.

  7. Online Sunshine says:

    I use Sterlite Wide 3-drawer Units to store my fabric. The units come with wheels, but they break easily so don’t count on that. The drawers are clear so you can see through them. I fold the fabric so it’s about 6″ x 12″ – ish and store it upright so I can see each fabric from the front and top. I had my husband make a wood frame that the drawer units slide into to look like a built-in cabinet. This way I can set things on top without adding extra weight to the drawer units. Also, I try to limit how much I open/close the drawers so I don’t put too much wear and tear on them because they are plastic and will probably break eventually. But I’m pretty easy on my stuff.

  8. Edie Copland says:

    loved your ideas. It confirmed what I’m doing. I have a large IKEA wall cabinet with shelves and doors. So, I store fabrics stacked by color. I also have some bins that slide in. They are for lining fabrics, interfacings, etc. Thanks for your ideas!

  9. Carol a Bonham says:

    you know its always nice to see what you got and I also store on shelves but there is always gonna be dust even had a moth once so now I organize in vacuum space bags and its so nice and protected and saves a lot of space


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