10 DIY Roman Shades – Sewing Tutorials And Ideas

DIY Roman shades are practical projects you can make. The pulling mechanism can be a bit tricky, but the sewing part is a feat even a sewing beginner can do. Here are DIY Roman shades designs to inspire and jumpstart your DIY Roman shades project.

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DIY Roman Shades Tutorials For Your Home Decor Ideas

1. Plain Roman Shades

closed beautiful grey curtain cozy room | window shade

Before starting on challenging Roman shades, warm up your DIY skills first. Try making this simple Roman shades design. The neatly folded fabric tucked between dowels make it a classic window treatment.

Pick a fabric that folds well, then sew dowels or slats between gaps. Attach it to a beam that carries the weight of your fabric and dowels.

2. Double-Layered Roman Shades

gray roman shades pink curtain on | window shade

One downside of Roman shades is, when pulling up all the layers, your home opens up to the world outside. Solve your problem with an extra layer of sheer fabric attached to the same beam. Perfect double-layered Roman shades will look fantastic on your front bay windows.

Tip: Choose a sheer fabric and another choice of fabric. Make sure your main beam can hold the combined weight of both fabrics. Prepare your fabrics in the same way you would when making regular Roman shades.

3. Relaxed Roman Shades

bathroom interior | window shade

Not seeing ropes or strings to pull on your Roman shades gives it a cleaner and classier look. Re-create this version of Roman shades by sewing rings on the inside of your fabric. Using one long string, tie a double knot on each ring. Your string should have enough allowance you can pull on.

4. DIY Roman Blackout Shades

depok indonesia modern | window shade

For a small kitchen or bathroom window, these DIY Roman blackout shades will do a great job of screening out the sun. You also have two options when making this project. Either use a sewing machine to make the shades sturdier, or use fabric glue to make the task easier.

You will also need mini blinds for the pulling mechanisms. Ask the hardware store to cut the exact blind measurement for your window.

5. Shirred Balloon Roman Shades

grand living room interior architecture various | window shade

This kind of Roman shade from Leather Wood Design Co. features prominent pouches in individual scallops. Choose a light fabric to allow movement and make the “ballooning effect” more visible.

This project can be a bit tricky and will call for a bit more experience. If you have a seamstress near you or a friend who can help you, ask for an actual demonstration. You can also save this project for later when you have the skill already.

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6. Printed Roman Shade

kitchen sink window looking outside | window shade

Bring out your playful side with lovely stencil prints on your Roman shades! Following the relaxed Roman style, lay out your fabric and stencil your pattern the way you want it.

Keep in mind, there will be times your shades will get pulled up. So be wise when choosing your prints. This kind of Roman shade will look perfect in a nursery, a playroom, or your bedroom.

7. Pleated Balloon Roman Shades

bathroom interior model home golf course | window shade

Pleated balloon shades provide a balance between elegant and casual. Give your window a classy look by using a Victorian-inspired fabric for your Roman shade.

Place a pair of strings (or adjust depending on your shade width) throughout the width. Add an allowance for your hem since the fabric will to create the balloon effect. This step-by-step guide gives a rundown of the fabric cuts you will need for this shade.

8. Fixed Roman Shades

brown roman blind shade curtain tree | window shade

Block the glare of afternoon sun from your French door window with some fixed Roman shades.

Instead of attaching a pair of strings to roll your fabric up or down, sew your folds together. You’ll have an illusion of a Roman shade pulled up, which is as good as a working Roman shade. Follow this step-by-step tutorial for a DIY fixed Roman shade will guide you.

9. Versatile Roman Shades

light roman blinds interior room | window shade

If you don’t want to bring out the sewing machine and sew fabric pieces together, use fabric tapes instead. This helps fastens your fabric to your slats or dowels. Iron your fabric to create seams to allow folding.

This no-sew Roman shade is simpler than the previous items listed. But it could work for your screen doors and other small awnings in your homes.

10. Easy DIY Tension Roman Shade

interior model home showing drapery using | window shade

Isn’t it annoying when you come across a DIY tutorial with the word easy all over it, only to find it isn’t? Well, this Roman shades design is!

All you need are four tension rods to loop the fabric you will sew. No pulling mechanism for you to stress over. What’s even better is that it’s reversible. It’s like sewing two window shades for the price and effort of one.

Watch this video from DIY JOY for a step-by-step guide on how to make DIY Roman shades. But mini!:

Learning how to make Roman shades on your own is not that easy. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It may take a bit of your time and effort, but you’ll get bragging rights and gorgeous DIY Roman shades.

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