15 Spooktacular Halloween Costume Patterns You Can Sew For The Family

Halloween costume patterns are lifesavers when it comes to making your own costumes for the spooky season. Check out this list of ideas and see which suits you and your family best!

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Make Your Own Halloween Costume Patterns From These Spooky Getups

Halloween Costume Patterns for Adults and Teens

1. Hooded Cape for a Fantastical Fellow

man wearing cloak and holding a wooden cane with white skull ornament | fantasy sewing patterns

This Halloween costume is so easy. You can repurpose the hood from your old jacket and make your own hooded cape.

Cut the hood and attach it to a fabric of similar color. Throw in any garment underneath and watch as your outfit transforms into a magical costume!
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2. The Scary Clown for the Tricksters

photo of person wearing costume | costume patterns free

Trick your friends with some good ole’ scaring with this DIY Pennywise costume. If you got a baggy long-sleeved white shirt, you could simply add mini red pompoms to it.

Complete your outfit with a pair of baggy white pants, a pair of white gloves, and a pair of white shoes or boots.  Finish it off with Pennywise’s signature makeup look.

3. Steampunk Corset for the Stylish Mechanic

Beautiful steampunk woman in corset surprised | victorian dress patterns

Make your own corset with an old shirt! To make it easier, use a shirt that’s quite fitted. Make sure to cut an opening in the middle of the front side.

Sew the edges, then punch some holes for lacing, or you can choose to use hooks and eyes to fasten your corset. Complete the look with some metallic and brassy accessories.

4. 18th Century Gown for the Time Traveler

Aristocratic girl | 18th century dress pattern

Got some extra lace fabric? Upgrade your fancy dress into an 18th-century gown. Sew the fabric around the neckline, sleeve hem, and waistline.

If you want an advanced sewing project, you can also do this redingote using this free pattern from LACMA. This was specifically patented from an authentic 1700’s gown, so you’ll really feel like you jumped through time.

5. Hogwarts Robe for the Mystical Bookworm

dress form with black jacket | cosplay sewing patterns

Have you ever wanted to feel like a Hogwarts student? You can easily make this house robe using an old, black graduation gown and a hood from an old, black jacket.

Stitch the two together, print out your Hogwarts house logo on sticker paper and stick it on the gown. It’s as easy as wingardium leviosa!

Halloween Costume Patterns for Kids

6. Pirate Vest for the Little Explorers

little pirate boy posing camera while | historical costume patterns free

Explore the seas with this DIY pirate vest costume. Using two shirts of different colors, make two vest pieces by removing the sleeves. Make sure that one of them is bigger than the other.

Cut an opening at the front side. Sew the two vest pieces together, making sure that the bigger vest piece is underneath.  Give your kid a treasure map and rule the seas!

7. Peter Pan for the Wild Adventurers

young boy dressed peter pan sitting | disney sewing patterns

Let your kids enter Neverland with this Peter Pan costume. There might be no pixie dust, but the kids will certainly be soaring the skies with this outfit on!

Sew a brown strip of fabric to the waist of a green polo shirt. Remove the buttons and replace them with a brown shoelace. Complete the look with green pants and brown boots!

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8. Cinderella Gown for the Dazzling Princess

charming little girl costume princess cinderella | mccall's halloween costume patterns

Turn your little girl into a princess with a Cinderella outfit. Just sew some light blue tulle onto a sleeveless, blue dress. This will recreate the silhouette of her gown.

Make sure not to skip out on Cinderella’s signature updo. It’s easy and perfect if you’re cut for time!

9. Butterfly Wings for the Free Spirits

girl in black and red plaid jacket standing on white floor tiles | ## Spooktacular Halloween Costume Patterns You Can Sew For The Family | butterick costume patterns

Flutter about with this easy butterfly costume, made by drawing and cutting the shape of the wings. Finally, sew the top side of the wings to a long-sleeved shirt.

From a butterfly to a colorful fairy, this is easily versatile!

10. Superhero Cape for the Young Heroes

selective focus photography of boy wearing black Batman cape | cosplay costume patterns

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Superkid! With a few recycled materials, your kid can easily go from civilian to hero. Cut out a rectangular piece, gather it at the top, and sew it to a fabric strip.

Add a button and a buttonhole to the ends of the strip. To finish this off, print a hero logo or even make your own!

Halloween Costume Patterns for Babies

11. Baby Pumpkin for the Radiant Little Ones

child pumpkin suit on white background | baby halloween costume patterns mccall's

Turn your baby into a cute little jack-o-lantern with this easy DIY pumpkin costume. Sew some felt leaves and the face details to an orange onesie, and you’re good to go.

It doesn’t even have to be orange! Get a little more spontaneous and creative by making a colorful array of creative little pumpkins.

12. Rainbow Outfit for the Groovy Twins

two toddler's standing in front of white window curtain | simplicity costume patterns

Dress your babies up in these matching outfits. This is an easy costume to make. Using felt, cut out the rainbow and the clouds. Sew them on a blue onesie, and you’re done.

After Halloween, you can totally incorporate this into your babies’ daily wardrobe!

13. Wonder Woman Dress for the Wonder Baby

girl wearing wonder woman dress walking on green-grass field during daytime | baby halloween costume patterns

With a red shirt, blue skirt, and a few little added decorations, you can turn a simple outfit into a hero’s costume. With this on, your baby is a straight-up wonder baby! First, attach the red shirt to the blue skirt.

Sew a strip of gold fabric on top of where the waistband would be. Cut out some white stars and big gold stars with felt, then attach them to the dress.

Halloween Costume Patterns for Your Furry Family Members

14. Count Dog-ula for the Creatures of the Night

cute puppy dracula cavalier king charles | best costume patterns

With a few pieces of fabric and some Velcro, you can turn your furry friend into a blood-sucking cutie. Measure a strip of fabric that can comfortably wrap around your pet’s neck.

Sew this strip to another rectangular fabric piece, then attach the Velcro to the strip’s ends. You can even add a bowtie for added cuteness!

15. Pet-O-Saurus for the Prehistoric Companions

cute chihuahua on white background dressed | simplicity patterns

Own your very own dinosaur this Halloween by recycling an old onesie and making this dinosaur costume. Make sure to adjust the size according to your pooch.

Sew in all of the dinosaur details (e.g., bone plates, horns) to avoid them falling off.

Cut for time? Watch this video on DIY Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas by Roxxsaurus: 

Dressing up for Halloween is a creative way to bond and have fun with your family and friends. With these Halloween costume patterns, you can be anyone or anything you want- even if it’s just for a night!

What do you like to dress up as? Share it with us in the comments down below!

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