15 Easy Infinity Scarf Crochet Ideas For The Cold Season

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These infinity scarf crochet ideas will surely be your saving grace come wintertime. Whether it’s a personal item, a gift, or something to pass the time, making a crochet scarf is something you shouldn’t miss out on.

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Crochet Infinity Scarf Ideas to Keep You Warm and Cozy

1. The Sugar Shack

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This Sugar Shack infinity scarf is an excellent addition to your wardrobe. It’s so easy to make, you don’t even have to worry about the tightness of your stitches. It’s light and results in a basket weave-like texture, making it look extra cozy!
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2. The Sunset

Beautiful woman in a white coat, crochet Red scarf and black hat holds a cup in her hands | free crochet scarf patterns

This Sunset scarf is the epitome of autumn! This scarf uses chain and double crochet stitches with one special stitch. Plus, you won’t even have to use a gauge.

This scarf is simple and easy to make. Who knows? You may even rival the sun with this scarf!

3. Double Crochet

Snood scarf made of handmade wool yarn.Crocheting | double crochet infinity scarf

The double crochet stitch is super easy. It’s also an effortless way to upgrade from basic to chic! This double crochet infinity scarf is comfortable and ready to dress up any outfit.

4. Off the Rails

womens grey knit scarf infinity scarf crochet| ## Easy Infinity Scarf Crochet Patterns For The Cold Season | infinity scarf crochet beginner |

It’s easy to create something different using simple stitches. Like this Off the Rails pattern, you don’t need to be an expert to have an exciting design. Be a little adventurous and try this infinity scarf pattern!

5. Three-Strand Braid

woman wearing white scarf smiling | ## Easy Infinity Scarf Crochet Ideas For The Cold Season | length of infinity scarf crochet

Want a little something extra with your crochet? With a few rows of long chains, you can mimic this three-strand braided infinity scarf.

The great thing about this is you can use any stitch you want as long as you make one that’s long enough to braid. So if you’re iffy on your other stitches, you can use the one you’re best at, and it’ll still turn out amazing.

6. The Tri-Toned

3 colors woolen crochet snood | how to crochet an infinity scarf

Can’t choose between three colors? Just use them all! Other than using basic crochet stitches, this tri-toned infinity scarf works through one color at a time, making it much easier to navigate through.

7. The Faux Knit

free clothing image | ## Easy Infinity Scarf Crochet Ideas For The Cold Season | luxury crochet infinity scarf

Want to have a cute knitted scarf, but don’t know how to knit? Worry not!

This faux knit crochet scarf is an easy way to achieve that look with half double crochet stitches and only one crochet hook. How easy is that?

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8. The Lacy Infinity

Young attractive woman wearing lacy crochet snood | infinity scarf crochet for beginners

Channel your elegance in this beautiful lacy infinity scarf. All you need to do is a couple of single and treble crochet stitches.

This pattern is perfect for beginners who want to make a scarf that looks complicated without actually being so.

9. Chunky Crochet

woman in white black sweater holding white knit cap photo | ## Easy Infinity Scarf Crochet Ideas For The Cold Season | infinity scarf crochet pattern bulky yarn

Bulky crochet yarns are perfect for creating your own chunky crochet pieces. They’re considerably heavier than the average yarn, so it’s like receiving a warm hug!

With its weight, it combines both aesthetic and functionality into one! This chunky crochet infinity scarf will definitely keep you both warm and stylish.

10. The Nebula

Snood scarf made of handmade wool yarn.Crocheting | infinity scarf crochet pattern

The Nebula scarf is an easy way to bring the galaxy into your wardrobe. The details in this are artful while being completely beginner-friendly.

Using a simple half double crochet stitch and a little bit of variation, this will go from a simple infinity scarf to an accessory that’s out of this world!

11. The Rival

doll wearing crochet scarf - infinity scarf - wool scarf - fashion clothing icon | basic crochet infinity scarf

Are you a fan of two teams in a sport? Now, you can channel your team spirit with this rival infinity scarf!

Using basic crochet stitches, you can also create this masterpiece. Once you make this scarf, feel free to cheer them all on!

12. Leap Year


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As complicated as it looks, this Leap Year scarf is definitely beginner-friendly. Rather than a normal chain, this makes use of a foundation chain.

This scarf comes out more elastic, which is a perfect trait for wrapping it around yourself better. Take a leap of faith and make this infinity scarf your own!

13. Linked Hearts and Diamonds


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Don’t be afraid to be a little spontaneous! This Linked Hearts and Diamonds infinity scarf evokes a feeling of playfulness that wearers of all ages will enjoy.

This pattern makes it easy for you to use whatever color pallet you want, so the crazier, the better!

14. Broomstick Lace


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The broomstick lace stitch is usually done by those with higher skills in crocheting. But don’t let this deter you!

With the right instructions, even a beginner can do it. The captivating pattern and texture make this broomstick lace infinity scarf genuinely worth the wait.

15. Rustic Fringed Scarf


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Fancy a little extra character on your crochet scarf? The Malia Infinity Scarf utilizes a few simple variations to the stitches, giving it a great texture. With cute buttons and a fringe, this will certainly steal the show!

Cut for time? Check out this One-Hour Crochet Infinity Scarf by Ashonti Reneé:

Whether you’re making these for yourself or for someone else, these crochet infinity scarves will definitely be beautiful items that will keep the cold away.

These beginner-friendly ideas will make sure you can make your own, even if you’ve never held a crochet hook before.

Do you prefer infinity scarves over regular scarves? Let us know in the comments down below!

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