11 Unicorn Costume Ideas For A Magical Halloween

Toddler in Unicorn Costume | 11 Unicorn Costume Ideas For A Magical Halloween | featured

Turn your Halloween into a magical and colorful one with these super cute unicorn costume ideas! Never mind if you’re a kid or a kid at heart, we have something for everyone here today.

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DIY Unicorn Costume Ideas for Halloween

1. Easy DIY Unicorn Onesie Costume

girl wearing unicorn onesies holding a stick | Easy DIY Unicorn Onesie Costume

If a hoodie seems too simple for you, then we can level up with a unicorn onesie. Still, you don’t have to complicate things.

I know you don’t have all the time in the world to create your enchanting unicorn costume. So, instead of sewing a onesie from scratch, you can simply use a hoodie and sweatpants combo!

Just sew on a tutu skirt, a rainbow-colored boa, and a horn made out of glitter paper, and you’re all good to go!

2. Skater Unicorn Costume Idea

girl with curly hair wearing unicorn headband, unicorn tees and skater skirt | halloween costumes for girls

If you have a perennial connection with your sneakers and can’t leave home without them, you must go for our skater unicorn costume idea!

It’s an effortless look and one that will keep you comfortable even if you’ve been dancing for hours at a Halloween party or taking the kids trick or treating for what seems to be a never-ending evening.

There are two aspects of this look you need to work on to achieve perfection. The first is your headband, and the other is your tutu skirt.

I have a headband idea for you below, but for the tutu skirt, I highly suggest you go colorful as it will be the focal point of your look. As for your sneakers, I say the dirtier, the better!

3. Sexy DIY Unicorn Costume

Maybe you want to show some skin and go for a sexy look? Don’t worry, I have the perfect unicorm costume for you right here (it’s very easy to make too)!

Simply use a corset-like top that really hugs your torso tight to show off the curves and then put all the attention into your colorful tulle tutu! Sewing those colorful ribbons onto knee-high socks also adds some mystical flair.

4. DIY Unicorn Hoodie

If you’re all set to go as a unicorn this Halloween, you can try making a costume from a plain hoodie. Picking a white hoodie is always a good choice since it will make the colorful strips of fabric stand out.

However, if you want to be a colored unicorn, you can go for either a bright-colored or pastel-colored hoodie…whatever you fancy!

5. DIY Rainbow Unicorm Costume

Toddler in Unicorn Costume | Halloween Costume Ideas

Does your kid have a ballerina leotard and a tutu skirt at home? If they do, then that will make things a whole lot easier for you!

Turn your child’s dream of being a unicorn for a day (or two) a reality by making her this DIY rainbow unicorn costume. Just use different rainbow-colored tulle fabric for the hair and tail!

6. DIY Unicorn Costume for Kids

Okay, so your kid isn’t a ballerina, but she does have a hoodie you can transform into a unicorn costume— we’ll take that! For this costume idea, you’ll have to make use of yarn.

And if I may suggest, ask your kid what her favorite colors are and buy those colored yarns. Remember, kiddie Halloween costumes are all about the kids, so even if the colors don’t match, just do it for them!

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7. Golden Unicorn Costume


If your child is someone who likes to be the belle of the ball or unicorn of the ball for that matter, then there’s no better unicorn costume idea to try than this one.

Help your daughter look radiant and sparkly! After all, it’s her time to shine.

8. Felt Cape Unicorn Costume Set


Move over Red Riding Hood because this fanciful caped unicorn is taking over Halloween! Seriously, it’s that time of the year when everyone who wears capes feels like they’re superheroes, even just for a day…and your kid deserves to feel that!

In making this costume, you’re going to use different-colored felt fabric. It’s up to you if you want to stick to bright colors. But for me, I’ve always had a soft spot for pastels.

So anyway, what I like about this costume idea is it also comes with a skirt to complete the look. If you have a son, you may opt for loose pants instead.

9. DIY Unicorn Headband

little girl with unicorn colored hair wearing unicorn headband and costume | DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

While doing my research for DIY unicorn headbands, I actually came across a lot of cute ones. But I got the winner right here! What I like about it is that it’s very whimsical, which will fit all our simple and glam unicorn costume ideas!

Pretty flowers and glitters, who could ask for more?

10. DIY Unicorn Purse

Trick or Treat won’t be complete without a purse for storing all the Halloween treats you guys will collect. To keep up with our enchanted theme, you can also make this easy DIY unicorn purse using duct tape.

It’s not exactly sewing, but I think it’s best I include this in our list to really complete your Halloween costume from head to toe!

Bonus: Unicorn Magic Wands

The girl in the unicorn costume | halloween diy costumes
Are you planning to be the Harry Potter of unicorns? If you are, then you should bring your own magical unicorn wand with you.

I bet the kids will love bringing this around with them too! More than just for accessorizing, this is actually a good centerpiece and party favor if you decide to host your own Halloween party.

Now to really make you look like the unicorn goddess, check out this magical unicorn makeup tutorial from dope211:

Gather your materials and collect the fairy dust, because you, my friends and little friends, will be the most spectacular and fascinating unicorns this Halloween 2020!

Sew those manes and tails like you’ve never sewn before, and don’t be afraid to go really colorful with this one. Enjoy this project, and let your horn lead the way. Happy Halloween!

Which unicorn costume idea are you going for? Let us know in the comments below!

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