9 Crochet Washcloth Projects To Make Over The Weekend

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Your crochet washcloth doesn’t have to look plain and basic when you’re doing your kitchen chores. Here are some of our favorite free patterns you can try to turn your dishcloths into decorative pieces!

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9 Crochet Washcloth Designs to Brighten Up Your Kitchen Counters

1. Colorful Waves

Sick of the boring store-bought dishcloths? Make your own crochet washcloth with your favorite colors! Who can say no to a rainbow-inspired creation like this?

The wave stitch is a creative way to show off your preferred hues. This tutorial from Hooked on Tilly is perfect for washcloths and crochet blankets, too!
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2. Lemon Peel

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Ever heard of the lemon peel stitch? It’s a combination of the single crochet and double crochet stitches that look absolutely good on any washcloth!

Achieve the lemon rind effect for your kitchen must-have with this free crochet washcloth pattern from Heart Hook Home.

3. Starry Night

Your home decor is bound to become a lot more bright with these little crochet stars! They’re also great gift ideas for your fellow sewing enthusiasts.

Bella Crochet has a patriotic design for this pattern, but you can also use other colors depending on your desired aesthetic.

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4. Simply Round

Sometimes life doesn’t have to be complicated—the same goes for your dishcloth. A simple crochet round is just what you need for your daily kitchen routine!

Add an intricate twist to your washcloth with this crochet pattern from Swirls and Sprinkles! You can even incorporate small braids in a spiral formation for this piece.

5. Playful Rainbow

Want to do a project with your kids? A cute rainbow washcloth will definitely keep them busy over the weekend!

This adorable novelty is easy and fun to do! Check out this pattern from Simply Collectible Crochet for your next DIY appointment.
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6. Clean and Tight

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If you’re not so fond of loose knits, you might want to practice doing the thermal stitch. It’s a technique that creates tighter and denser stitches!

The Crochet Crowd has a tutorial on how to make a crochet washcloth using this nifty stitch! You can find two sets of instructions for the single and double crochet options, too.

7. Floral Fancy

Give your kitchen the floral flair it deserves with these pretty mini dishcloths! You can even use them as crochet coasters for your table arrangements.

To make sure you get everything right, The Crochet Space has an in-depth pattern on how to create these dainty crafts. It also has a diagram you can refer to if you need a visual!

8. Pastel Dreams

Pastel colors have been super trendy nowadays, so there’s no reason not to use them on your crochet washcloth! Wiping your dishes clean has never been this cute.

It might be tricky at first, but using a variety of hues is totally worth it! You can use the Suzette stitch for your project using this free pattern from Salty Pearl Crochet.

9. Basket Weave

You can never go wrong with sticking to the classics, especially when it comes to sewing. The basketweave stitch is guaranteed to give you an elegant crochet washcloth!

This pattern from Crochet For You has all the steps you need to master this essential stitch. You can experiment by adding more colors for a nice touch!

If you prefer watching a video on how to make a crochet washcloth, check out this tutorial by Melanie Ham:

With all these crochet washcloth designs, you’re bound to have a busy weekend. Make sure to equip yourself with the right materials so you can focus on making the most beautiful pieces!

Which of these crochet washcloth patterns will you try this weekend? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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