10 Free Creative Patterns For Crochet Coasters To Keep You Busy

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One of the great uses of crochet coasters is they keep our dining table clean. My husband had a habit of leaving his coffee mug lying around, staining the table with coffee. But ever since I included crocheting in my sewing projects, he’s been carrying it around with him everywhere!

If you’re feeling bored or stuck in a rut, here are 10 crochet coaster patterns to keep you busy!

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Coast Through With These Crochet Coasters

1. Citrus Crochet Coasters


These colorful coasters are perfect for summer get-togethers and garden brunches! Imagine serving a glass of lemonade on top of these — just perfect! You can find the pattern here.

2. Bright Sunflower Coasters


Make your dining table set-up pop with these bright sunflower coasters! Practice your granny stitch method with this DIY crochet coaster pattern.

3. Sweetheart Coasters


Add a touch of romance in your afternoon tea sessions with these DIY heart coasters. Sip tea and have a warm conversation with your loved ones without any worries.

4. Square DIY Coasters


Are you looking for a more formal-looking coaster? Check out these square DIY coasters! You can even gift them as a set of different colors!

5. Teacup Crochet Coasters


It’s a cup-ception! Play around with colors and patterns with this teacup coaster pattern. They are great conversation starters for tea time with old friends.

6. Pokeball Coasters


Who said you can’t have fun with these coasters? My children absolutely adore these pokeball coasters! They use it during playtime and when their friends come over.

7. Classic Daisy Coasters


If you can’t have real flowers on the dining table, why not have them as coasters? Go wild and use your favorite colors for this classic daisy coaster pattern.

8. Starry Starfish Coasters


Missing the beach? No worries! Take on a challenge and try this starfish crochet coaster pattern!

9. Feisty Cat Crochet Coasters


Did I write “feisty”? I mean, adorable! Give this as a gift to a cat lover and you’ll definitely have a friend for life! Find the pattern here.

10. Sweet Donut Coasters


Doughnuts for breakfast? Yes, please! Indulge your sweet tooth with these sweet-looking coasters.

There are tons of awesome patterns to choose from! Make the most out of your time and keep your coffee table shiny and clean with these DIY crochet coasters.

Here’s an instructional video from Sara Sach to guide you in making your donut coasters:

Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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