5 Reasons To Use A Sewing Thimble

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Do you know what a sewing thimble is? Don’t worry if you don’t. Many sewers rely heavily on their sewing machines these days. I know, I am one of them!

But hand sewing is an art form and you need the right tools, including a finger guard. Here are 5 reasons to use a sewing thimble, and where to get one.

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Avoid a Sewing Tumble, Use a Thimble

Reasons to Use Finger Guard for Hand Sewing

If you have any older and more traditional sewers in the family, you’ve likely seen their sewing tools. And if they prefer to sew by hand, then you’ve definitely seen their thimbles. Here are some reasons to use a thimble yourself, and where you could get one!

1. Finger Guards Protect Your Fingers


Of course, they do! Remember, there’s a reason why thimbles are also called finger guards. You can use metal thimbles to push needles into a thick or slippery fabric without it slipping and injuring you.

2. Thimbles Keep Your Fingers From Sweating


There are different types of finger guards. This includes metal, leather, and rubber thimbles. If you’re a fan of quilting for your friends or embroidery, leather thimbles will keep your finger from sweating too much and damaging your work.

3. Sewing Thimbles Gives You More Control

Sure, it can be awkward to sew with a finger guard at the start, but once you get the hang of it, it can be amazing! Using a thimble allows you to employ a third finger in sewing, thus giving you more control, precision, and accuracy.

4. Thimbles Save You From Getting Finger Cramps


Hand sewing is an art — a difficult and tiring one. Pushing and pulling a needle through a fabric repetitively can cause cramps for your thumb and index finger. But with the help of a thimble and its grooves, you can relax your fingers and avoid the extra strain.

5. Sewing Thimbles Are Collectible!

Not many sewing tools can be considered as collectibles, but thimbles can be! Antique thimbles are a rarity, and many collect them for their one-of-a-kind designs and history.

Interested in getting your own finger guard? You can find different types of thimbles in your local sewing supply stores and online. Make sure to check your needs and your finger size before investing in your first thimble!

Here’s a video by MO Heirloom Stitchery to show you the different types of thimbles:

Now you know what a thimble is! If you wish to explore hand sewing more, a sewing thimble is a must-have sewing tool in your arsenal. Not only are they functional, but they can also be a really nice addition to your collection!

Say bye to slippery needles and pricked fingers! Share your experiences with using thimbles and hand sewing in the comments section below!

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  1. Elizabeth Solomon says:

    The video was interesting. My favorite thimble is the tailor’s thimble, which has deep holes, is sized in narrow increments, sizes 4 through nine or more, and has an open top, so your nail isn’t crushed, & your finger can breathe.

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