18 Must-Have Sewing Supplies Items You Can’t Do Without

If you’re completing your set of sewing supplies to start your sewing craft, then here’s a list that you must have inside your sewing room. Check them out!

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18 Must-Have Sewing Supplies

List of Sewing Essentials for the Perfect Project

Sewing is just as significant as cooking. It is one of the most basic household skills every awesome mom like you must know. But like preparing food for the family that requires ingredients and seasonings, you can’t have sewing at its best without the necessary tools. On our end, we don’t want you to get frustrated in wondering where to start and what to buy first. Read on to discover the list of  sewing supplies you’ll need to get by!

1. Tape Measure

Tape Measure | 15 Must-Have Sewing Supplies

A tape measure is one of the most important sewing supplies that should always be kept in your sewing tool organizer. It is a flexible ruler and is used for body measurement.

2. Sewing Machine Needles

Sewing Machine Needles | 15 Must-Have Sewing Supplies

Sewing machine needles come in different sizes. It is replaceable and can be broken depending on how you use your machine. There’s a proper pay of inserting or removing your sewing machine needle. If you want to know how, check out the tutorial here.

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3. Hand Sewing Needles

Hand Sewing Needles | 15 Must-Have Sewing Supplies

There are different types of hand sewing needles. They also come in different sizes. So if you’re planning to make a cross-stitch, an embroidery project or do some hemmings on your pants, you cannot do these without your needle.


4. Sewing Scissors

Sewing Scissors | 15 Must-Have Sewing Supplies

Invest in a high-end pair of fabric scissors so you can do your sewing task efficiently. Dull scissors may cause problems to your fabric. To know the different types of scissors, check them out here.


5. Rotary Cutter

Rotary cutter comes in different sizes and is normally used by most quilters. When you’re dealing with layers of fabric, it is best to use your rotary cutter. Make sure you have a rotary mat where you lay your fabric. Learn how to cut a fabric using your rotary cutter here.


6. Rotary Mat

Rotary mat is necessary for cutting fabric with the rotary cutter. It has printed measurements which serve as an alignment guide for the fabrics to be cut.

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7. Tailor’s Chalk

Tailor's Chalk | 15 Must-Have Sewing Supplies

These chalks are used by sewers in creating a temporary mark on the fabrics to use as a guide for darts, seams and or trace cloth patterns.


8. Straight Pins

Straight Pins | 15 Must-Have Sewing Supplies

Straight pins are used to attach patterns to the fabric, being used in holding a rolled edge you make on your sewing project prior to sewing. There are different types of sewing pins. If you want to discover them, click here.

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9. Threads

Threads | 15 Must-Have Sewing Supplies

Threads are essential in sewing. Without it, you cannot sew anything (obviously). To name a few types of thread, there are silk, polyester, and cotton thread. If you want to learn further,  click here for more information.


10. Sewing Tool Kit

Sewing Tool Kit | 15 Must-Have Sewing Supplies

All these supplies need an organizer to keep them in place. You can use a basket, a plastic container, a bag or anything that you’ve personally made for storage of your sewing supplies. You may want to have a mini sewing organizer to bring instantly in any emergency trips or outdoor activities.


11. Seam Ripper

A seam ripper is used for picking out undesirable stitches out of your sewing project without ruining it. For more information about seam rippers, check it out here.

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12. Pin Cushion

Pin Cushion | 15 Must-Have Sewing Supplies

The pin cushion is a sewing material used as storage for your sharp needles and pins. You can make great designs out of scrap fabrics. Check for free patterns here.


13. Bobbins

Bobbins can be seen in sewing machines and are an important part that you cannot remove. They have different styles and they’re made from different materials. Bobbins are used in feeding thread at the back of the stitches.


14. Iron

Iron | 15 Must-Have Sewing Supplies

It is advisable to iron your fabric first before cutting to get rid of the wrinkles and to prevent inaccurate cutting that will put your project at risk. You may want to choose the type of your steam iron here.

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15. Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine | 15 Must-Have Sewing Supplies

With your sewing machine, you can make all your sewing projects done easily. We all have these fashion clothes and great home decors because of the sewing machine. If you don’t know how to operate it yet, learn how by clicking here.


16. Fabric

Good quality fabric is vital to your sewing success. Always choose the right material for the project to ensure your garment has the right drape and fit.


17. Rulers

A see-through ruler will come in handy to make markings on the fabric. It’s excellent for buttonholes, parallel lines, or to measure seam allowance.

A curved ruler or fashion ruler can be used to make patterns but is more often used to make neckline and sleeve cap alterations.

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18. Tracing Wheel

A tracing wheel transfers the pattern marks to the fabric with the use of extra tracing paper. It helps with accuracy and makes sewing much more manageable.


If you want more ideas to learn, then watch this video of the sewing supplies needed for your sewing craft, here’s a video by Style Sew Me.

Having this complete set of sewing supplies can make you more confident on starting sewing on your own. You can work on some easy sewing projects for beginners, you just have to give it a try! Remember, no one ever did it perfectly at first try so keep trying until you get the hang of it!


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