15 Plus Size Dress Patterns Perfect For Spring

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Looking for some plus size dress patterns to rock this spring? We got you covered! Check out these gorgeous and classy designs that definitely goes with the season.

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Plus Size Dress Patterns That Are Sure Trend-Setters This Spring

1. Summer Strap Dress


If you’re planning to hit the beach soon, this summer strap dress is perfect for you! It’s comfortable and classy. You can adjust the length of the skirt depending on your preference. Download this magnificent pattern here.

2. Raglan Maxi Dress


This Raglan Maxi dress is so charming that wearing it regardless of the event won’t feel like a mistake. You can never go wrong with this dress and should be one of your go-to dress moving forward. Download the free pattern here.

3. Ruby Dress


Here’s another summer dress that looks cute and youthful! It is best made with lightweight and stretchy fabric.

There’s a reason why this pattern is very popular all-year-round and that’s because of its simple yet stylish look. Download this pattern here.

4. V Neck Dress


Show off your assets with this V-neck dress pattern! This goes well with lightweight fabric.

Make the V-neck area slightly crossed to emphasize your bust. Download this awesome pattern here.

5. Halter Dress


Love Marilyn Monroe? Then, by all means, sew this one up! The halter dress is suitable for all figures and will definitely turn a lot of heads!

Using tropical print is highly recommended. Get this grandiose design here.

6. Cross Front Dress


Could this outfit be any sexier? Flaunt your curves with this absolutely stunning cross-front dress. Also, this works best with black fabric.

Feel free to tweak and add some print that suits your style. Here’s where you can download this pattern.

7. Sweetheart Neckline Dress


Sweetheart neckline dresses bring out every curvy girl’s sex appeal. Use cotton or linen in solid or floral fabrics and you should be all set!

Wear this fabulous outfit for office parties and you should be the talk of the town! Download this pattern here.

8. Cowl Neck Dress


Cowl neck dress is perfect for the office and social gathering events. It has that high-end appeal so don’t be surprised if someone mistakes you for an executive. Get your free pattern here.

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9. Skater Dress


The skater dress is another simple and summer-ready outfit that will make you stand out whether you’re on the beach or mall. This is best crafted with stripes design. Here’s where you can download the pattern.

10. Caftan Dress


This caftan dress gives off that sophisticated look that every woman aspires to have. It’s also flexible in terms of the image you want to project by simply adjusting the skirt.

You can make it a floor-length summer dress or airy-knee length, it entirely depends on your preference. Here’s where you can get this pattern.

11. Knit Peasant Dress


Knit peasant dress is the result of combining convenience and style in one outfit. It’s so simple and gives off that simple chic look.

So if you’re looking for a day dress, this is a great place to start. Here’s where you can download this pattern.

12. Boat Neck Dress


Boat neck dress is ideal for women with big busts. What’s amazing with this design is you can easily adjust if it comes a bit tight or loose.

This dress is just so flattering it should not come as a surprise if your partner compliments you a lot! Here’s where you can get this pattern.

13. Fiona Dress


If you want a quick sew dress for your everyday chores, this Fiona dress is your best bet. This dress has a fitted, knee-length bodice and the bust area design looks so sexy. Grab this beginner-friendly pattern here.

14. Boho Kimono Dress


The Boho Kimono dress is designed to be a maternity dress but who says you can no longer rock this post-pregnancy? The high waistline allows you to wear it at any point in your pregnancy and even after giving birth. This dress is the definition of flexible. Here’s the free pattern.

15. Grace Dress


This grace dress is the definition of simplicity and traditional design that still stands the test of time. So if you’re the low-key type and just want to keep it simple, this dress will totally fit you. Here’s the free pattern.

Watch this video by Danielle McAllister to learn more valuable information on plus size dress sewing:

Now that you know where to get plus size dress patterns, you won’t need to scour the mall to look for something that fits perfectly. If you are running a business, you can show these amazing patterns to your clients who need one.

Moreover, these dress patterns are not Easter exclusive so you can rock these on any special occasions, parties, or wherever you see fit! These outfits are so comfortable and elegant that making one will definitely be worth it!

Which plus size dress patterns above do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


3 thoughts on “15 Plus Size Dress Patterns Perfect For Spring

  1. Chris says:

    These are some of the ugliest patterns I’ve ever seen, sorry to say. Plus 2 of them, the actual cute ones, are in a foreign language, proving that someone just puts this crap out there without any thought. Very disappointing.

  2. DORIS BARNETT says:

    Most of these picks are incredibly ugly and unflattering. For example, the “kimoo” style emphasizes the waist/stomach, as do all those which have fitted waists. Please try to find more appropriate choices for larger women.

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