15 Hand Embroidered Pillowcases For Your Next Project

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Adding embroidered pillowcases in rooms and corner of your home will definitely brighten it up. Here are some of the best and easiest pillowcase patterns you can replicate or purchase online.

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Gorgeous Embroidered Pillowcases to Add in Your Collection

1. Old Truck Friend Children


This is perfect if you have a son or grandson and it should be a great keepsake once they grow up. You can personalize the design by adding your kid’s name at the back of the truck. Here’s where you can get this embroidery pattern and kit.

2. Field of Flowers


Who doesn’t love flowers? This pillowcase design is sure to brighten up the room or wherever you place it. It’s got that vibrant feel that will make your home more appealing to guests. You can get this pattern for $13.50.

3. Love in a Box


Love will be all around with these fabulous embroidered pillowcases. Sure, it’s extra special come Valentine’s Day, but heartwarming designs are always welcome all year round! Here’s where you can get this lovely pattern.

4. Horseshoe


Fan of horses? This one’s totally for you! If you like horse racing or this majestic creature is simply your spirit animal, then by all means craft this awesome pillowcase! Here’s where you can get this one of a kind pattern.

5. Bible Perle Edge


If you want to feel the presence of the Lord anywhere in your house, then this pattern is perfect for you. The design brings purity and positive energy so this could totally give you that spiritual fulfillment you desire.

6. Christmas Trees


Looking for a design to fit the Christmas theme? We got you covered. This pattern brings the Christmas spirit and will further lighten up your living room especially if there’s a Christmas tree nearby. Here’s where you can purchase this pattern.

7. Gloriosa


This pillowcase pattern breathes elegance and grace and is perfect for sophisticated women. The design is brimming with class and will improve the overall look of the bedroom. Here’s where you can get this pattern.

8. Diamonds and Fleur de Lys


Here’s another stylish embroidered pillowcases you can add to your home that is sure to impress. The design combination is perfect and is something you’ll only see in 5-star hotels. Download this pattern here.

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9. Turkey


Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with this adorable Turkey pattern! You’ll have a great time working on this project since the design is challenging and looks quirky at the same time. Here’s where you can grab this pattern.

10. Flamingos


Flamingos easily qualify as one of the cutest bird species out there. That translates to designs related to this majestic creatures. Your kids will absolutely love this on their pillows so be prepared when they ask you to take them to the zoo to see one. Get this pattern here.

11. Goldwork and Tudor Design


Opt for this pattern if you want some touch of royalty inside your home. The elements of this design are so beautiful and are such a sight to behold. To top it all off, the gold color will accentuate the design even more. Grab this free pattern here.

12. Fish Perle Edge


This design will totally give that under the sea vibe so if you’re a fan of the deep blue sea, go purchase this pattern! The pattern packs a lot of details – from the sea to the fish hunting for its prey, you can never go wrong with these types of embroidered pillowcases.

13. Wedding Rings


Strengthen your bond with your partner with this intimate pattern. It is very easy to do and the simplicity of the design leaves you with room to modify and further improve the pattern to your liking. Get this pattern for only $12.09.

14. Easter Eggs


Here’s something to celebrate Easter Sundays. The pattern is relatively simple to follow and you are free to add different color variations if you want to. Click here to get this magnificent pillowcase pattern.

15. Mermaid Princess


Is your daughter a fan of Disney princesses, particularly Ariel? Search no more as this pattern looks close to the iconic character. Don’t be surprised if your kid never lets go of her precious pillow! Here’s where you can get this pattern.

New to cushion embroidery? Watch this hand embroidery design for beginners video by Leisha’s Galaxy:

These embroidered pillowcases are the best patterns you can find online and are sure to be worth your while. They are beginner-friendly and will further enhance your embroidery skills.

Eventually, you’ll have a wide array of pillowcases you can use for certain occasions. What’s more, you can remake any of these and send out as gifts to your friends and relatives. Talk about practical!

Which among these embroidery pillowcases do you find beautiful and easy to do? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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