21 Fleece Patterns You Can Sew To Stay Warm This Winter

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Projects with fleece patterns are the best sewing crafts for fall and winter. Take a look at this list of fleece patterns and find your next sewing project!

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21 Fabulous Fleece Patterns To Keep You Nice And Toasty

1. Fleece Ear Warmer


Our ears are one of the most vulnerable body parts in the cold. What better way to keep them warm than by using these functional and adorable ear warmers? The fleece fabric is a great material for keeping your ears warm and it’s gentle on your skin.

2. Fleece Hats


Bored with your usual winter hat and looking for a fleece hat pattern to sew? Check out one of the quirkiest fleece patterns on the list!

Try sewing these dinosaur and bear hats with this free pattern and video tutorial! They would definitely be a show-stopper!

3. Fleece Fingerless Monster Gloves


One of the major concerns of a mother is their children ‘forgetting’ their gloves! But kids love these cute and funny monster gloves! They even use them as puppets and make small skits with them!


4. Red Riding Hood Fleece Cape


Every child wants to dress up as one of their favorite characters. This fleece jacket pattern for Little Red Riding Hood is a great costume for winter!

Because it has no zipper, your child can also use it as a fleece blanket! Be creative and add a few quilt patterns along the inner fabric.

5. Home Fleece Slippers


Are your tiled floors turning your feet into icicles? Take out your sewing machine and give this fleece slippers tutorial a go!

You’ll love wearing these indoor slippers as part of your home routine! Warm and cozy, they’re definitely perfect for lounging around!

6. Deep Pocket Fleece Scarf


A two-in-one item, this deep pocket scarf provides the best of both worlds! Especially if you have the tendency to forget your gloves!

This is a woman’s fleece project dream. It’s great for your adorable dresses that have no pockets for their purse.

7. Mermaid Tail Blanket


The fascination for mermaid-related items has not waned. Magical and fantastical, this fleece blanket will be a perfect gift for your ‘mermaid’ friend, or in my case, niece and daughters.

8. Fleece Hand Warmers


Although technically not something you could wear to fend off the cold, these hand warmers definitely do the job! They’re perfect for slipping into your coat pockets while you’re out in the cold. Just pop them in the microwave and voila – your very own improvised heating pad!

9. Fleece Poncho


A poncho is a fashionable way to keep warm. Combined with your fleece fabric, this fleece blanket slash jacket will definitely keep you toasty outdoors. Since there are different prints and patterns are available, you could customize this sewing pattern with your own personal touch!

10. Fleece Leggings


Who says you can’t wear leggings during the cold season? They’re absolutely perfect for lounging around with a cup of tea!

Comfy and easy to move around in, it’s also the perfect pajama bottom. You’ll love how the fabric feels on your skin!

11. Pom-Pom Trimmed Fleece Blanket


A classic item to have during the cold season is a fleece blanket. They are also easy to sew and personalize!

It’s definitely perfect to snuggle and cuddle with your family or partners. You can even replace the pom-poms with hearts to make it the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day.

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12. Fleece Beret


The ‘fancy hat’ as most people call it, berets offer a more sophisticated and classic look, but it could also be fun! Just take a look at the floral pattern on the photo above! You can keep your child warm and looking fashionable at the same time!

13. Fleece Socks


Socks are a staple in everyone’s closet regardless of the season. But, no one can argue that they’re most useful during the cold season! Fuzzy and comfy, the fleece fabric will help keep your toes nice and toasty!

14. Fleece Beanie


Perfect for your teenager, this casual take on the hat will definitely be a sure-fire hit! With these colorful and cool prints, these can also be used during the warmer season! You can also sew a fleece scarf to go with their beanie hat.

15. Convertible Fleece Mittens


Not sure if you want fingerless or regular mittens? No need to worry – you can have both! You can use these reversible mittens as regular mittens when you’re staying out, and as fingerless mittens when you’re staying in!

16. Fleece Hoodie Jacket


Hoodies have also been a staple in people’s wardrobes. They’re comfy and convenient, and available in a wide array of patterns! Take a look at the free pattern and tutorial and see if this fleece jacket is perfect for your sewing projects list!

17. Fleece Draped Cardigan


Flowy and refined, this draped cardigan is perfect for semi-formal events. They’re perfect to layer over dresses and sleeveless tops! The tutorial also shows how to sew fleece scraps into shoulders and how much seam allowance you’re going to need.

18. Fleece Leg Warmers


Socks not enough to warm you up? Check out these fancy leg warmers, best worn over leggings and high-cut boots! Fashionable and functional! Sew fleece leg warmers using any colorful pattern you want.

19. Fleece Neck Warmer


The neck is often forgotten, usually just covered up by plain boring scarves. But with this neck warmer, you could pay special attention to your neck! Explore these different patterns and you’ll definitely love it!


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20. Fleece Vest With Hoodie


Some people love wearing long sleeves but those are usually made of thin fabric. Fortunately, with this warm and personalized vest, anyone could still wear thin long sleeves and not catch a cold! Sewing projects like these also give you room to be creative by designing the inner material of the vest.

21. Dog Sweater


Now, we can’t forget man’s best friend! Just because they have fur, doesn’t mean they’re immune to the cold.

Make sure your pet is warm enough with this cushy and warm dog sweater! Choose fleece patterns with styles that complement your dog’s fur.

Fleece Patterns You Can Sew To Stay Warm This Winter | Infographic

Now that you have a wide array of fleece projects to choose from, keep your family warm from head to toe with any of these sewing projects! Ward off the cold with fleece jackets and vests, and remember to keep your fingers and toes warm with mittens and socks!

These fleece patterns will definitely complete your wardrobe for the cold months.

Which fleece project is your favorite? Do you have any fleece patterns you’d like to add to the list? Tell us in the comments section below!


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