17 Cool Sewing Projects You Can Put Up For Sale At The Next Craft Show

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Want to make some extra cash from your sewing projects? Check out these sewing projects and ideas now for your creative inspiration!

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Nifty Sewing Projects You Could Make Some Cash Out Of

1. Drawstring Basket


New mommies will love this drawstring bag. It is a perfect organizer for both mommy and baby’s essentials! This can be a great gift for a baby shower, too. Also, the tutorial is so simple and so easy to size up if you want a bigger one.

2. Fabric Baby Shoes


Little baby feet in cute baby shoes are simply adorable! That’s why moms love to buy different pairs for them. Once you make different pairs of these, it’s sure to be sold out! These baby shoes will make wonderful presents for new members of the family!

3. Acorn Potholder


You’ll often find potholders in every household. It is one of the most useful things in the kitchen! This acorn potholder will be snapped up by shoppers at craft shows. The design has this fall accent that’s perfect for your fall baking!

4. Ruffled Baby Bloomer


Soon-to-be mommies will love buying adorable pieces for their babies! There are many sewing projects for babies but nothing’s cuter than this ruffled baby bloomer. This project is very eye-catching!

5. Handy Pouch Bag


Everyone could use a handy pouch bag and this one is perfect for about any occasion. They’re trendy and very useful for organizing make-up and accessories!

Kids, teens, and mommies will love to have this! The pattern and tutorial seem to be a bit tricky, but for sure, this will be a best-seller.

6. Baby Nest


Today, baby nests have become very popular. Thus, the need for a baby nest. Parents and soon-to-be-parents either buy one or make one for themselves. This project is fun and so easy to make!

7. Kids Knit Pajamas


Kids will absolutely need to have some snuggly and comfy pajamas this coming winter. So, why not make a pair of these for your kids, and another pair to sell at the upcoming craft fair? The tutorial is so simple and you can download the pattern here.

8. Baby Turtle Softies


These baby turtle softies are truly amazing! You’ll only need polyester fiberfill for stuffing, soft fleece, and printed cotton fabric. Babies will love to play with these soft and sweet baby turtle softies.

9. Leggings For Girls


Girls love wearing leggings especially when the weather gets a bit colder. They love coming up with new outfits. Leggings make a great layering piece, too.

Making several pairs of these is a sure way to rake in a profit! Time to get to that sewing machine and get yourself started with some easy sewing projects.

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10. Circle Earbud Case

earphones carrying case on gray background | Cool Sewing Projects You Can Put Up For Sale At The Next Craft Show

This circle earbud case is very useful for keeping earphones from getting tangled up. It’s a perfect gift for teens to keep their mobile accessories organized!

The tutorial here is so simple to follow. Plus, the materials needed are not so expensive. In fact, you can use scrap fabric from previous sewing projects.

11. Quilted Laptop Case


This quilted laptop case is similar to a pouch but with a zipper. It has two pockets outside to hold your notes, charger, phone, and laptop accessories. Now, you’ll have a reason to refuse to buy that pricey laptop case. This is also an ideal gift for Valentine’s day.

12. Flannel Blankets


When the weather gets colder, everyone will need some soft blankets to snuggle up under. This flannel blanket is perfect for winter. The tutorial is very simple, just follow these step-by-step instructions.

The only thing you need to do is to finish the edges of your fabric! Feel free to explore some free patterns too.

13. Tote Bag


A tote bag is very handy and stylish! Whether you’re headed to shore or going shopping, this tote bag will carry all your essentials. Ladies who always wanted to look chic will love this.

14. Bandana Bib


Mommies always know to have a couple of bibs at the ready, to ward off stains and spills and to keep baby’s clothes dry. So, aside from that, why make and sell baby bibs?

First, they’re so quick and easy to make. Second, you can use any color and design of fabric you want. And last, it’s a great gift for a baby shower!

15. Fleece Hat


It would be a great idea to make matching fleece hats for kids and adults. Lots of moms would love to match accessories with their little ones! If you also need a last-minute gift idea, then, this fleece hat will be perfect.

16. Diaper Cover

mom holding newborn baby monogrammed diaper cover | Cool Sewing Projects You Can Put Up For Sale At The Next Craft Show

Diaper covers are essential for babies. Aside from being one of many easy sewing projects, this is a necessity. They really do complete your baby’s cute outfit! So much comfy cuteness for so little effort.

17. Reversible Headband


Hair accessories are one of the most easily sold items in craft fairs/shows. This reversible headband is a great choice. You can actually make these in varying sizes and can be the best DIY gift for your daughter.

Make some cash with your crocheting skills too and get ideas for crochet projects in this video by eHowArtsAndCrafts:

These adorable sewing projects are sure to be a hit in any craft show. Mommies, daddies, and families will be visiting the fair so expect lots of queries that will lead to sales. Make sure to get your homemade products ready before the day comes and to price all your items well. Enjoy!

Which one of these cash-making sewing projects are you eyeing for your next? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


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