8 Free Sewing Patterns You Can Make With Your Kids

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Sewing is an invaluable skill a kid can have and using these free sewing patterns is a great way to get their feet wet. With that said, let’s get to work and see what project your kids will love most!

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Free Sewing Patterns You Can Make With Your Kids

1. Pin Cushion

tailoring cushion needle tailoring | 8 Free Sewing Patterns You Can Make With Your Kids

Here’s a simple project your kids can start with. Aside from being a pin holder, you can also turn it into a fluffy toy if designed appropriately.

You can design it like a cat, mouse, or a dog by adding ears. Kids will find this easy to do since the only technique they need to learn is how to sew a straight line.

Make sure it is stuffed with cotton or wool so the pincushion will be durable and soft.

2. Spring Shorts


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Most kids love playing outside so it’s a good idea to make them spring shorts that will let them move freely. You can modify the pattern a bit by making it more loose above the knee area.

You can also modify the shorts to have paperbag waist and add a garter so it will have an allowance in case they grow up too fast. This utilitarian pair of shorts is simple, easy, and will definitely last a long time.

3. Hoodie Jacket

tailors work table cloth jacket cut | Free Sewing Patterns You Can Make With Your Kids

If your kid loves wearing jackets, why not add a hoodie! Though this might be a bit technical, it will help you improve your skills on how to add zippers and make tight-fitted clothing.

Fleece fabric is ideal for hoodie jackets, but you can also use cotton or polyester fabric. All fabrics provide comfort and keep the body warm.

4. Tunic


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A tunic is an easy girl’s clothing project to do and is perfect for teenagers. This is ideal for first-time sewers because it helps to hone your basic stitching techniques.

The materials you’ll need:

  • Voile or silk fabric (should be elastic enough to go around the shoulders and the sleeves)
  • Lace for the bottom
  • Cotton cord or a belt

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5. Bralette Undergarment

female tailor making sewing patterns | Free Sewing Patterns You Can Make With Your Kids

Bralette undergarment is perfect for the summer and is especially helpful if your kid likes wearing loose clothing. Just take note that this is not to be worn as support but as a sexy accessory.

The materials you’ll need:

  • Stretch lace or a wide lace band
  • Bra elastic enough to match your lace
  • Bra cups (optional) for added fullness and modesty
  • Bra slider and rings

6. Apron

sewing notions tools supplies | Free Sewing Patterns You Can Make With Your Kids

Nothing is sweeter than wearing an apron your kid made for you! All you’ll need for this project are your sewing tools, fabric that is about 60 inches long, and lace.

You can also add a pocket somewhere in the middle of the apron so you can take items you frequently use. Here are steps on how you can make the perfect apron:

  1. Fold the bottom and side edges of the fabric by about a half-inch and start stitching.
  2. Fold the top portion by at least one and a half inches since this is where the cloth ribbon will go.
  3. Cut pocket-shaped fabric and start sewing it together with the apron.
  4. Lastly, use a fray check at the end of the ribbon to avoid it from fraying when you wash it.

7. Pajama or Lounge Pants

woman sews on sewing machine | Free Sewing Patterns You Can Make With Your Kids

Sew your own and your child’s sleeping pants! This free sewing pattern can be modified to any size from small to large sizing.

Choose what fabric to use and your best options would either be warm flannel or cool cotton. You could even make them in a knit fabric to make it as stretchy as possible.

8. Mini Tote

white bag on wooden surface | Free Sewing Patterns You Can Make With Your Kids

A mini tote will come in handy on any occasion. Kids can use this to carry any of their small stuff from books, lunch pack, or their toys.

Just make sure that the opening is stretchy so it will be easy to fit small but bulky items in there. Choose your favorite piece of fabric and what’s more, it’s also a great gift bag for you to use during the holidays.

Looking for more free sewing patterns you can do with your kids? Check out this video by Ellie and Mac Patterns:

Sewing clothes for your kids is one of many fun activities you can do when you get time off work. There are plenty of free sewing patterns online and feel free to experiment with your kids.

Ask them how they want their projects designed so the activity will be more fun and interactive. Another tip is if you’re sewing clothing for kids, you should add garters since kids grow up pretty fast.

That way, they can wear it for at least a couple of years. With all these in mind, it won’t be a surprise if your kids add sewing to their list of favorite hobbies!

Which sewing pattern above do you like best? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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