11 Baby Winter Clothes You Can Easily Sew Over The Weekend

We bet you’re also on the lookout for a list of baby winter clothes you can sew for your little ones! Since winter has finally arrived, one of our top priorities is making sure our babies stay warm and cozy.

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Cute Baby Winter Clothes Moms Can Sew These Chilly Days


DIY Baby Clothes to Sew

These DIY ideas for baby clothes are perfect tailored gifts to make for the little angels. Making DIY baby winter clothes come out a lot cheaper and more convenient. Plus, I get to select the best fabric to use to assure their baby’s comfort. So, let’s check the list below of the DIY baby clothes to make.

1. Footed Baby Pants

footie pajamas baby boys sleep close | winter clothes for newborn
If you hate putting socks on a baby like most mommies do, then you’ll love these footed baby pants. These footie pants are comfy and will keep your baby’s feet nice and warm.

This pattern is for newborn baby clothes. But you can still adjust the size according to your baby’s measurements.

2. Newborn Baby Onesie

man in white tshirt carrying baby in black and white stripe onesie | winter clothes for newborn

Baby onesies don’t need to be plain or boring. You can make baby winter clothes that have cute designs, bright colors, and different styles! These long-sleeved onesies are great for cold weather, too.

They fit perfectly over a diaper, and the bottom is easy to access for quick diaper changes.

3. Baby Booties

pink knit cap on white textile | winter clothes for newborn

Baby winter clothes also mean footwear. Babies will need comfortable footwear to wear this winter. These baby booties are so adorable and will keep your baby’s feet warm.

The tutorial is clear and easy to follow.

4. Baby Pajama Pants

washing baby clothes pinned on rope | winter clothes for newborn

These baby pajama pants can be a great present for the newest member of the family. The tutorial is best for beginners, it is easy and quick!

Even baby PJ’s can be expensive, so sewing your own pair or two is definitely a cost-effective solution.

5. Mini Leg Warmers

baby feet wearing neck warmers | winter clothes for newborn

Once your little one starts to crawl, they will need leg warmers too! These will protect their knees from scraping against sharp edges or surfaces. If they are only wearing a onesie, they will need these to keep their legs warm.

Also, this mini leg warmer makes a great gender-neutral gift for a baby shower or a birthday.

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6. Cape

cute happy child baby playing outside | winter clothes for newborn
Your baby will also need a cape when you go outdoors this winter. Add this to your list of baby winter clothes because it is freezing and your little ones will need extra layers to protect them from getting cold.

Winter doesn’t have to be boring for our little kiddos, let them have a little fun in the snow too.

7. Baby Mittens

baby warm gloves cone knitted wool | winter clothes for newborn
Baby mittens prevent your baby from scratching himself. They also keep your little ones’ hands warm.

Sewing baby mittens are very easy. In fact, I have made several of these for my friends’ babies.

8. Upcycled Sweater Baby Cocoon

cute little baby sleeping on bed | winter clothes for newborn
Upcycling clothes can also help you make baby winter clothes. You’ll get to reuse old clothes from your closet and turn them into something new and useful.

This design will turn your old sweater into a soft, cozy, and secure baby cocoon. The tutorial here is very quick and so simple to follow.

9. Tiny Harem Pants

infant girl summer casual trousers toddler | winter clothes for newborn

Can’t find newborn pants? Then it’s time to dust off your sewing machine and make these tiny harem pants for your baby. The pattern is for 0-3 months, but you can easily size it up according to your baby’s age.

10. Teddy Bear Overalls

baby seating on white textile | winter clothes for newborn
When it’s chilly outside, it doesn’t mean you have to forego your daily walk to the park. Let them have some fun and fresh air while still staying warm by letting them wear overalls.

This teddy bear overalls pattern can be a bit intimidating. But the result will make your baby look so adorable!

11. Baby Boy Romper

little baby boy looking out window | winter clothes for newborn
If you’re looking for baby winter clothes for boys, these baby rompers are all you need. They’re comfy, that’s why many mommies always dress their kiddos up in one of these.

There are sleeveless, short sleeved, and long sleeved rompers — which is great for winter. The pattern is very easy, and you can also use your old clothes instead of buying new fabric.

There are a few things we need to know about how to take good care of our babies during the cold weather. To know some tips, watch the video from Cloud Mom on how to dress and care for your baby in the winter:

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