Types Of Sewing Scissors And How To Use Them

Wondering which type of sewing scissors you need for your projects? Each of them was designed to do different jobs. Stick around as I show you our collection that’ll help you decide which ones to use!

Whether you’re into crafts or sewing, a pair of scissors always comes in handy. And I can absolutely relate to that. If my children are fond of collecting different cosmetics, my prized possession by this time is my sewing scissors. But of course, I don’t just have them for display but I own them because of their functions.

Basically, scissors are made for cutting. However, each type of sewing scissors has its corresponding purpose depending on what craft you’re about to do or the material you’re going to use.

Learn the Right Sewing Scissors for your Materials

Whatever sewing craft you’re doing, you must work on familiarizing yourself with the different types of sewing scissors! There’s a wide variety of scissors for every project. It’s important we know the right ones to use to avoid wasting time and money. Plus, using the right scissors will give you the best comfort when cutting. Check out the different sewing scissors in the market:


1. Embroidery Scissors

Embroidery scissors have a thin, sharp tip that is recommended for accurate and safe cutting of threads at the back of embroidery. They are generally small in size, and its length ranges between 3-6 inches long.

2. Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter is usually used in quilting and goes along with a rotary mat. It is versatile and can be used in cutting a lot of materials such as fabric, leather or paper. You can cut multiple layers of fabric materials all at the same time using your rotary scissors.


3. Pinking Shears

This saw-toothed pair of scissors leaves a zig-zag design on the fabric edge after cutting. Oftentimes used for cutting seam edges to keep them from unraveling.  You can use this in trimming your fabric edges before washing them to prevent excessive fraying.

Watch this video about using a pinking shears by FashionSewingBlogTV:


4. Quilting Scissors

Quilting scissors are used when trimming heavy fabrics such as canvas or denim. Two of the most important quilting scissors are heavy-duty shears and the rag quilting snips.

Heavy Duty Shears

You can use this for cutting heavy-duty fabrics or the toughest clothing materials without slipping from your fingers. This is best for carpet or upholstery.


Rag Quilting Snip Type: Spring Loaded

This pair of scissors is perfect for beginners in sewing, and those who find it difficult to open or close a pair of scissors. If you’ll want to buy one for your little girls, click here.

5. Specialty Sewing Scissors

Specialty scissors have unique features compared to the usual scissors that we see in the market. One of those is a pair of left-handed Fiskars scissors which is intended for the left-handed sewers.


Here are some tips for choosing what sewing scissors to pick by Sewbliss:


All this information will give you an insight into what necessary sewing scissors you’ll use for your next sewing DIY projects. And this would help anyone aspiring to start their sewing craft decide on what to buy! Indeed, using the right tools helps you get all those sewing projects done effectively!


Which type of sewing scissors is your holy grail pair of shears? What makes it outstanding from the rest of the scissors you have? Share your thoughts and tips about these sewing scissors in the comment section below! Let’s see if we have the same sewing favorites!

Now that you know the different types of sewing scissors, it’s time to learn more about sewing essentials! Here are you Must-Have Sewing Tools to begin your sewing passion!

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