Sewing Projects | Fabulous DIY Crochet Crop Top Perfect for Summer

A crochet crop top would make a perfect summer music festival or beach outfit! If you want to learn how to make one, then have those yarns and hooks ready as we share this easy crochet crop top tutorial that would be perfect for your next getaway!


Sewing Projects | Fabulous DIY Crochet Crop Top Perfect for Summer

Creating a DIY project like a crochet crop top would be a great idea for summer! If you’re heading to the beach or attending a music festival soon, this would make a perfect outfit idea! What could be more stylishly summery than this crop top? That’s why when we came across this tutorial, we’ve decided to make it right away! To make one, you need to know how to do the chain stitch, single crochet, and triple crochet stitch. If you’re ready, then let’s get started!


You’ll need:

  • 100 % acrylic yarn
  • 5 mm hook



Step 1. Create A Knot

Grab your yarn and create a slip knot.


Step 2. Make A Chain Stitch

Start creating a chain. If it’s long enough to wrap around the torso, go back to the tip and use a single crochet all the way down. Once you’ve reached the end, continue single crocheting up to the fourth row.

See how to make a single crochet here.


Step 3. Crochet To Create A Halter Shape

Flip it over, go over your 1st stitch, then skip over the 2nd one. Go over your 3rd stitch, then do a single crochet. Every time you’ll finish the end, don’t chain one, flip it, then go to the 1st stitch and do a single crochet. Continue until you reach the end, flip it over and do the exact same thing. You’ll see that your crochet pattern is creating a halter shape.


Step 4. Work On The Design On Top

When you’re already satisfied with your halter cover, it is time to move on to the cute design at the top, which is  a triple crochet, also known as a treble crochet. To make a treble crochet, click here.


Step 5. Create The First Row Through Triple/Treble Crochet

When you’re done making your triple crochet, flip it over and do a single crochet with no chain. Skip two stitches this time, and create your triple crochet into that third stitch. Continue by skipping just one stitch, then create another triple crochet.


Step 6. Continue Creating The Row

Flip it. Create a triple crochet into the first stitch, then skip the second triple crochet. Go through the third stitch and create a triple crochet. Then do not skip anymore in between. So instead of creating single crochet of this pattern, you do the exact same thing you did at the bottom half of this top, just with triple crochet.


Step 7. Create The Straps

So when the top reaches your collar bones, finish the last row, and create a strap from both ends.

Tip: It depends on how long you want it. Once you’ve reached the end of the chain, just cut off the yarn then bring the excess yarn through the last loop and give it a tug.


Step 8. Attach Both Straps

To attach it to the other end, go through the stitch that you want, then pull the yarn through the stitch. Grab both the excess yarn and the yarn attached to the ball, and bring it through the loop that you’ve just made. Make a chain from there.

Step 9. Create The First Back Strap

Decide which one should be for the front and back. Then go to the back side of your top. Decide which stitch you’d want to go through and stick your hook in. Bring your yarn through as if you’re making a chain, then grab the yarn that is attached to the yarn ball and the excess that you have. Bring it through the loop that you’ve just made, and then continue creating a chain from there.

Tip: You may create an 85 chain count, depending on how long you’d want it to be.


Step 10. Create The Second Back Strap

Once you’ve finished the first back strap, just do the exact same thing on the other side. Make sure they’re relatively even and you have enough chain to wrap both straps together and tie a knot.

And you’re done!

How do you like your trendy crop top? We love that it’s lightweight — perfect for the warm summer heat! You can also use this as your swimsuit cover up.


Watch this full video of Making A DIY Crochet Crop Top by Krystal Everdeen.

You’ve just learned how to make your own DIY crochet crop top using only the basic crocheting skills! It’s not that complicated, right? You can also make a couple for your squad as a gift!


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