Be Stylish with this DIY Crop Top | Fashion Sewing

It’s summer and DIY crop top is IN. This maybe the trend in the 80’s, but crop top is back. You can rock summer with this must-have fashion trends. If you don’t own one now, then make one. You can transform your boring old shirts into something stylish and trendy by learning this DIY today! Keep reading for the easy tutorial.

Be Stylish with this DIY Crop Top | Fashion Sewing

DIY Crop Top That’ll Create Your Own Fashion Statement

Crop tops are more comfortable to wear especially during summer. But instead of spending lots of money in buying fashionable tops, why not use your old clothes or shirts that you don’t use anymore! A few days ago, we shared a tutorial on how to make a stylish off the shoulder top. Today, let me share another fashionable sewing project!

Creating a DIY crop top out of your old stock shirts is interesting and more enjoyable. Aside from you can save your money, you can create a style of your own desire. Surely, you’ll find it easier to do and it’s fun wearing your own creation of fashionable outfit!








Step 1. Mark Your Waist

Mark your t-shirt’s waist by putting a pin on it.


Step 2. Fold Your Shirt

Fold your shirt in half, make sure the sleeves and the sides are aligned.


Step 3. Pin Your Shirt

Figure out how short you want your DIY crop top to be. Then mark it by putting pins anywhere you want to cut your shirt.


Step 4. Cut It Out

Cut out the sleeves and length that you want to remove out of your t-shirt.


Step 5. Make A Flower

  • Make round shapes of different sizes as your patterns (sizes: big, medium, and small).
  • Create multiple folds on your fabric, pin the round patterns, then cut them off.
  • Burn the edges of the round fabrics.
  • Put the big circle first, then the medium size inside the big circle, then the smallest size at the top to make a flower!

Tip: Instead of cutting them one by one, you can cut everything at the same time by creating multiple folds on your fabric.


Step 6. Pin Your Flowers

Arrange your flowers anywhere you want them to be on your shirt.


Step 7. Sew Your Flowers

Sew your flowers on your shirt.

Tip: You should sew the top of the flower so it won’t bend downwards.


8. Attach Your Beads

Finish your DIY crop top by attaching the beads at the center of your flowers.



And you’re done! Now you can be fabulous without breaking the bank! Get creative and be stylish with this super easy sewing project perfect for summer outings!


Here’s the full tutorial for making a Floral DIY crop top by Fab’s Creations:

Instead of throwing those old shirts and long sleeved tops, why don’t you put them to good use? And if you want a simple DIY creation, then this sewing tutorial is perfect for you! Happy stitching!


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