9 Lovely Sewing Projects To Transform Your Bedroom

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There are so many beautiful and unique sewing projects that will help you transform your room. Besides, if you love crafts and sewing ideas, your bedroom should receive the best of your creativity. Our bedroom is our slumber zone and after a long day, we’d want to rest in a room that’s comfortable and relaxing. Here’s a roundup of 9 easy sewing projects that will create a relaxing retreat and entice your stay longer.

9 Lovely Sewing Projects To Transform Your Bedroom

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1. Floral Inspired Lampshade

Floral Inspired Lampshade | Lovely Sewing Projects To Transform Your Bedroom

Do you have an old table lamp that you want to revamp? You can transform it with this fabulous idea! You can give your lamp a high-end look with fashionable fabrics of your choice. Go for plain fabric for a more classic look or try floral to get a lovely and stylish look!

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2. Printed DIY Cushion Cover

Printed DIY Cushion Cover | Lovely Sewing Projects To Transform Your Bedroom

Creating new cushion covers make your pillows look brand new and give a quick transformation to your bedroom. Choose fabrics that are washable and skin-friendly.

Tip: A nice pop of colors will be amazing for an instant new look. Go for vibrant hues like orange and yellow!

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3. DIY Window Roller Blinds

DIY Window Roller Blinds | Lovely Sewing Projects To Transform Your Bedroom

This roller blinds sewing project is perfect if you want to block sunlight from coming through your window. We love this simple yet lovely window cover because it gives the window glass a chic look. You can use different materials to tie your blind.

Tip: Use a ribbon as a tie if you want to change it easily anytime you want.

4. Easy Peasy Curtains

Easy Peasy Curtains | Lovely Sewing Projects To Transform Your Bedroom

Jazz up your windows and wall and sew pretty curtains in different designs! Just like roller blinds, curtains serve as cover from direct sunlight. You can transform your room easily by changing your curtains. So with your chosen fabric, thread, sewing machine, and creativity, you can make this easy sewing project in no time.


5. DIY Pompom Rug

Add a kick of colors to your room and sew this fluffy pompom rug. Buying rugs from stores can be quite expensive, so why not make one for yourself? See the tutorial here.

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6. Bedside Stuff Organizer


Whether you love organizing or not, this bedside organizer is a smart idea for your bedroom. Make one now and organize your books, gadgets, remote control, and keep them within reach! Your little ones will also love this.

7. DIY Fabric Storage Basket

DIY Fabric Storage Basket | Lovely Sewing Projects To Transform Your Bedroom

Need a handy basket for your kids’ stuff? Fabric storage baskets are perfect for storage because they’re durable and can be washed easily. It can hold a lot of stuffed toys and other small items inside your bedroom. We love the chevron design of this pastel blue fabric basket!

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8. DIY Bean Bag Pouf

DIY Bean Bag Pouf | Lovely Sewing Projects To Transform Your Bedroom

Beanbag poufs are multi-functional. They can work as your feet-resting place after a tiring day at work. If you’ve got amazing pets, you can make one for them, too! Plus, your kids will love to snuggle and play in their poufs because they’re fun, soft, and cozy.


9. Giant Pillow Cover With Pocket

Got big, snuggly pillows? Style them up with this easy sewing project. We love the big pocket that’s perfect for your favorite books and gadgets.


Check out this stylish DIY Bedskirt video tutorial from Hobby Lobby:

We all love a nice and cozy bedroom to wake up to. Have you picked your next sewing project? With these ideas, you can transform your room without breaking the bank. All you need is a little creativity and sewing skills.

Do you find these bedroom sewing projects worth giving a try? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on July 18, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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