Sewing Project | Cute and Fun 4th of July Napkin Rings Tutorial

Want an easy sewing project for 4th of July? Try this napkin ring tutorial that will bring a touch of nationalism into your dining room! Keep reading for the tutorial.

Sewing Project | Cute and Fun 4th of July Napkin Rings Tutorial

Learn This Awe-Inspiring DIY Project For A Momentous July 4th Celebration!

If you’ll tell us that 4th of July is your favorite holiday, then we won’t disagree! Who wouldn’t love celebrating outdoors with your whole family? Seeing people eating their sumptuous picnic meals, watching the magnificent parade, amazing fireworks, with colors white, red and blue everywhere! Celebrate in style with this easy tutorial for DIY napkin rings that will give your dining room a patriotic flair!


You’ll Need:



  • Blue and Red Felt
  • Red Embroidery Floss
  • Buttons
  • Fabric Marking Pen
  • Ruler





1. Cut The Felt

Lay the blue felt on top of your rotary mat and measure 6″ x 1.5″ for the strips, then cut.

2. Cut The Felt Strip

Fold the strip in half, then cut at the center using your scissors.

3. Create Slits

Using your ruler, measure 1/2″ from left side to center direction and vice-versa, then cut a slit halfway.

4. Trace The Star Cookie Cutter

Trace the star cookie cutter onto the red felt using your disappearing fabric pen.

5. Cut The Star

Cut the stars you traced on the red felt using your scissors.

6. Arrange The Star And Button

Place the star at the center, in between the left and right slits that you’ve made. Lay the button on top of the star.

7. Sew The Star And Button

Using your thread and needle, attach the star and button to the blue felt through hand sewing.

8. Wrap Around

Wrap the finished felt ring around the napkin. Close it by sliding the two created slits together.


Watch the full video tutorial about Sewing A Napkin Ring Perfect For 4th of July by Kathy Beymer.

How do you like your newest table addition? These charming DIY napkin rings would give a great patriotic touch on your table! It will be worth your time and effort. What would be your other preparation for this coming July 4th? Let us know by leaving comments below.


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