17 Cute Pants And Summer Shorts To Sew | Sewing Projects

Cute Pants And Summer Shorts To Sew | Sewing Projects

The best time of year to show off comfy and cute summer shorts is finally here! Beat the summer heat by making trying these cool summer fashion sewing project ideas.

17 Hot Summer Shorts and Pants Ideas to Beat the Heat

There are two things you want to consider in choosing summer fashion garments: comfort and style. With the sun out in all its glorious beauty, cool clothes in fun and bold colors are all the rage. We’ve rounded up the most fashionable pants and summer shorts styles just for you! Check out the coolest shorts and pants patterns you can make in your sewing room this summer.


1. Denim Shorts

Denim Shorts | Cute Pants And Summer Shorts To Sew | Sewing Projects

Keep it simple with a pair of denim shorts. Any summer wardrobe isn’t complete without a pair in the lineup. Learn how to turn your old jeans into a pair of shorts by following this easy tutorial.

2. Dip Dye Shorts

Dip Dye Shorts | Cute Pants And Summer Shorts To Sew | Sewing Projects

Nothing says summer like dip dye shorts! The splash of color on any regular pair of shorts is the very essence of summer fashion. Learn how to make your own by following this tutorial from Hot DIY Tutorial.

3. Skirt-Turned-Shorts

Turn your favorite old skirt into a pair of comfy women’s shorts this summer! Not only do you get to save some cash on new printed shorts, but you also get to flex your sewing muscles doing this fun and simple sewing project. Find the tutorial here.

4. Fabric Embellished Shorts

Jazz up your basic shorts with some brightly colored fabric. This easy sewing project by Free People is one of the coolest DIY projects around.

5. Scarf Shorts

Scarf Shorts | Cute Pants And Summer Shorts To Sew | Sewing Projects

Do you have extra scarves lying around? This sewing project is the perfect way to upcycke them! Choose a scarf that is breezy and light, just perfect for the warm summer temps. Follow the step-by-step guide from Anna Evers here.

6. Silk Shorts

You can never go wrong with silk shorts! Especially under the hot summer sun, silk is your skin’s best friend! Recreate your own version of silk shorts by checking out this tutorial from Elle Frost.

7. Ruffled Hem Shorts

Ruffles never go out of style! Play up any top with this perfectly girly pair of shorts. Learn how to do this by following the steps by The Cottage Mama.

8. Shorts With Tassels

You can’t get any more fun and summery than shorts with tassels! Take any pair of shorts you have to the next level by adding a few brightly colored tassels to the hem! Learn how to do this by checking out this article by Dawanda.

9. Sequin-Embellished Shorts

Make any old pair of shorts look shiny and new again with an entire layer of sequins! When it comes to embellishments, you can always opt to go big! Find out how to do this sewing project with this tutorial from A Pair and A Spare.

10. Shorts With Pearl Embellishments

If you don’t feel like making anything from scratch, you can always spruce up any old pair of shorts with some pearl embellishments! Find out how by checking out this article from The Hers and His Blog.

11. Scalloped-Hem Shorts

Our catalogue of summer must-try’s isn’t complete without scalloped-hem shorts! This crowd favorite is actually really easy and fun to make. Find a step-by-step guide here on Craftsy.

12. Oversized Pants

Oversized Pants | Cute Pants And Summer Shorts To Sew | Sewing Projects

Whoever said the 70’s are done? Clearly, they haven’t seen the beauty and benefits of oversized pants. This classic piece is not only a style statement, but also really comfy to wear! Create your own oversized pants by reading this tutorial from Cotton and Curls.

13. Linen Pants

Linen Pants | Cute Pants And Summer Shorts To Sew | Sewing Projects

Linen is one of the coolest fabrics to wear in warmer weather. When worn as cropped pants, they are one of the comfiest things to wear. Plus it gives you that flattering fit! Learn more about linen pants by checking out this article from Lauren Winter.

14. Cropped Pants

A fashion garment staple for the summer is cropped pants. They are comfy to wear and looks good on most body types. Recreate this crowd favorite by following this tutorial from Fiskars.

15. Fringed Hem Pants

Fringed and frayed anything is here to stay. Instead of sinking hundreds of dollars on a trendy pair of pants, why not do it on your own? Thriftanista in the City gives an easy guide on how to fringe your pants, just in time to rock it for the summer!

16. Pleated Silk Pants

Get your hands on silk charmeuse and never regret anything. This pair of pants will give your casual wear extra oomph. And just imagine the feel of that fabric against your skin! Ooh la la! Check out the instructions on how to make these fancy pants by Ada Spragg.

17. Casual Summer Pants

If you feel like lounging around in a pair of comfy pants, this pair of casual summer pants is the perfect fit for you. This sewing idea from Sew DIY features a light and loose fabric that allows maximum breathability.


Find a great summer shorts idea in this video from The Fashion Citizen:

Summer is indeed the best time to get a little more creative with your sewing projects. The bold colors and the fun embellishments definitely make every project more exciting! So bring out your sewing materials, make the coolest summer garments, and create a summer wardrobe that easily lets you beat the heat!

Do you know of any other summer shorts and pants patterns? Let us know in the comments below!

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Editor’s Note – This article was originally posted on August 2017, and has since been updated for quality and relevancy.

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