Sewing 101 : A Quick Tip on How To Cut Fabric Perfectly

Do you ever feel that it is impossible to cut¬†fabric¬†perfectly? Most sewing beginners know this all too well. It can get frustrating because even after measuring the fabric accurately, cutting it as precisely as we can, the pieces of fabric still don’t match up. They’re always out of square. So I thought, do I need to use a yardstick or T-square? I tried, but with little success, until a fellow seamstress I met online told me about using the proper tool: scissors! Now, I can almost perfect cutting my fabrics. So, keep reading to find out how to cut your fabric with ease.

A Quick Tip on How To Cut Your Fabric Perfectly

Key To a Perfect and Neat Cut

Do you want to cut fabric perfectly? All seamstresses know that having the right tools is important that’s why the best pair of scissors is essential. Nobody really prioritizes scissors; people think they can use anything as long as it works. But for me, scissors are the most important tool when sewing. You should have a pair dedicated only for fabrics and never use it on anything else. Keeping the blades sharp is important; you can use a honing stone to keep them sharp. Avoid your scissors from getting nicks and burrs. To make your sewing efficient, it is necessary to invest in high-quality scissors. Keep reading to learn more.


Is it really wise to spend on high-quality scissors?

Practically speaking, it is always good to invest in high-quality materials for better output. It’s advisable to get the best pair you can afford. It will certainly last long if you really take good care of it, and in the end, the cost will turn out the same had you kept buying lower-quality scissors over and over again.


Want to know the top brands of scissors?

Fiskars, Gingher, and Kai are the popular and trustworthy brands that produce high-quality scissors and shears. Unfortunately, they are expensive. But like what I’ve said earlier, better to have a high-quality pair of scissors that will last long, than a cheap brand that breaks easily.


Watch this video from Christina of 2 Howling Monkeys channel to learn how to sharpen your scissors:

Using the right scissors can absolutely make sewing efficient. Choose the one with good quality and can handle cutting any types of fabric. So, are your scissors good enough? Consider these tips to make your sewing faster and easier.


Do you have any scissor brand worthy of recognition? Let me know in the comments below!

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    • KateinIowa says:

      Jo-Ann carries it. I have the sharpener, and it is wonderful. I’ve also used it to sharpen old knives; I have one for my good knives that came with the set. My husband also loves this scissor sharpener. He has several old pairs of scissors he uses when doing chores around the house. He couldn’t believe the difference in the first pair he sharpened! We both love it.

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