Re-purpose Your Skirts Into Stylish Summer Shorts

FEATURE |Re-purpose Your Skirts Into Stylish Summer Shorts

Turning any skirt into stylish DIY summer shorts is a fun and cool project! Plus, you’ll get to make something fashionable with a little hard work and skill. A pair of shorts is a summer must-have, so we’ve provided step-by-step instructions for you that will turn your old skirt into a summer wardrobe staple. Let’s get started!

How To Make Summer Shorts From An Old Skirt | DIY Project


What You’ll Need:





Step 1: Lay Out Your Skirt and Shorts

Lay out your chosen skirt on a flat surface. Fold it in half, then lay your folded pair of shorts on top of it.

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Step 2: Cut Out Excess Fabric

Pin your shorts and cut your skirt fabric, leaving about a half an inch all around for the seam allowance.

It should look like this when you open it up:

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Step 3: Sew The Open Sides Together

Fold the fabric over itself so that the shorts fabric is inside out, then sew both open sides together.

Here’s how it should look like:

Step 4: Sew the Inner Area of The Shorts

Sew the inner thigh area of the shorts and cut off the excess fabric.

Step 5: Try Out Your New Summer Shorts

Wear your new shorts to check if they have a flattering fit.

Step 6: Apply The Finishing Touches

Turn the bottom inside-out. Roll the bottom part and sew it for a nice, clean edge. Then cut off your excess fabric.

Tip: If you want to wear shorts that are little more figure-flattering, just sew down with a straight line.

Step 7: Add The Lace Trim To Your Summer Shorts

Attach the lace trim by laying it on top of the inside bottom seam, then sewing it on.

Voila! Here’s the old skirt-turned-summer shorts:


DIY tutorial and photos source: Holly Stone


Want to experiment more on DIY clothing ideas? Start with the clothes you already own! The Style Insider breaks down which clothing pieces you should let go of (and use for DIY!):

It’s no doubt that summer shorts are must-haves in your summer wardrobe. They are both comfortable and stylish, and they go well with almost anything. So if you have old skirts or even denim pants that you rarely wear, take them out for up-cycling! You can even pair it with a stylish tote bag that you can make yourself. By re-purposing your old wardrobe, you can create new staple pieces that can be worn all year long.

Isn’t it fun to turn a skirt into comfy summer shorts? How did your sewing project go? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 11, 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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