How To Get The Exact & Perfect Female Body Measurement

Every person who wants to master his or her sewing skills needs to learn how to get the exact and perfect female body measurement. Newbies or even those seasoned sewers find this a little tricky. It’s because you need to be discerning on how tight you pull the measuring tape around the body. Pulling it tightly or loosely will affect not only the dress pattern, but the fitting as a whole. And remember, we want clothes that fit perfectly. It took me awhile to really learn this trick.

If you’re looking for the step-by-step procedure for taking a female body measurement, then we’ve got the perfect tutorial that teaches you how! Continue reading and check it out!

Learn How to Take Female Body Measurement Fast Through These Step-By-Step Instructions

Some of the popular reasons why you need to take the body measurements are for sewing purposes and for weight loss tracking progress. When you’re doing the procedure, it’s easier if you have someone else on hand to help. Make sure you’re wearing fairly close fitting clothes so that your measurements are as accurate as possible. When it comes to wardrobe clothes sewing projects, the success relies on the exact measurement results.

So, it is vital that you get the exact and appropriate measurement by learning this step-by-step procedure.

Wait no more, get your tape measure ready and let’s start learning.


What you’ll need:

  • tape measure
  • paper and pencil (for recording the body measurement)


Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Measure your bust

Step 1 Measure your bust | How To Get The Exact & Perfect Female Body Measurement

Wrap the tape measure around your bust. Keeping it perfectly horizontal, pass it onto the armpits and then across the tips of your breasts.


2.  Measure your waist

Step 2 Measure Your Waist | How To Get The Exact & Perfect Female Body Measurement
Your posture should be nice and straight without holding in or sticking out your stomach. Wrap the tape measure horizontally around the smallest part of your waist which can be easily found by running your hands down the side of your body.


3. Measure your hips

Your posture should be nice and straight with feet slightly apart. Wrap the tape measure horizontally around the widest part of your hips.


4. Measure your inside leg

Step 4 Measure your inside leg | How To Get The Exact & Perfect Female Body Measurement

Your posture should be nice and straight with feet slightly apart. You should measure from the middle of the crotch at the highest point to the floor.


5. Measure your thigh

Feet should be slightly apart.  Wrap the tape measure horizontally around your thigh.  Make sure you measure underneath the buttock fold and not too tightly.


6. Measure your calf

Step 6 Measure your calf | How To Get The Exact & Perfect Female Body Measurement

You should stand naturally without contracting  your calf muscles.  Wrap the tape measure horizontally around the widest part of your calf. And, We’re all done!


Want to see this tutorial in action? Check this video from FitizzyOfficiel for a super easy-to-follow tips for taking a female body measurement . 

Learning these tips is essential in making sure that the finished garments fit perfectly. Hope you find this quick and easy tutorial of getting the female body measurement helpful! If you have some hacks on taking body measurements, please feel free to write your comment below. Happy sewing!


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