31 Great Reasons Why Learning How To Sew Is Pure Happiness

Warning! Curiosity about the happy reasons why people learn how to sew is an early sign of acquiring sewing as a hobby. So in advance, please give me the honor of being the first to welcome you to the wonderful world of sewing. ūüôā WELCOME!

If you are looking for a¬†meaningful way to spend your time, like a hobby, start by setting goals. For example, I had set my mind to establish a hobby that has these 3 P’s: Profitable, Pleasurable and Playful. And what do you know? Sewing ticks all the boxes! ūüôā Sewing is profitable¬†in a sense that you get to have personal and financial gains out of it. Pleasurable, since you have a lot of fun before, during and after sewing. And oh! Sewing gets playful when you start designing. All these and more are significant reasons why I’ve never stopped sewing. By now you’re probably excited what I mean by “more”. Just keep it here and you’ll be oriented on 31 more reasons as to why sewing is such a blissful activity. Let’s go!

31 Great Reasons Why Learning How To Sew Is Pure Happiness

What Makes Sewing a Joyful Hobby

Back when I started learning how to sew, I quickly fell in love with it. You can say that it was love at first sew. ūüėČ And although it’s been some time since I picked it up, I still catch myself smiling whenever I finish a sewing project, gazing at its magnificence. Actually, being able to¬†share my sewing ventures with you through this blog has made me a bigger devotee to sewing! ūüôā At first, I kept my amazement of sewing to myself. But¬†then my family began to notice and ooh and aah over my work. That’s when I began to dream bigger and upped my ambition… and that is to astound my readers with bigger and better projects! ūüėČ

So, if you’re just dropping by trying to decide whether or not to try¬†sewing, let me give you these fun¬†reasons why you should sew. (too!)

1. You Get To Beautify Your Home With Pillows

1. You Get To Beautify Your Home With Pillows | Great Reasons Why Learning How To Sew Is Pure Happiness

Sewing for your home is the most wonderful feeling ever! You can make special pillowcases that will match to the theme of your home. Pillow cases truly are exquisite details to add to any living room.

2. And Then Personalize Pillow DESIGNS…

Give your pillows a more “you” vibe with an attractive felt design. This tutorial on¬†how to sew a felt flower pillow is quite exciting to construct and surprisingly easy too! ūüôā

3. You Can Now Make Back-to-School Items

Gratify your kids with personalized back-to-school sewed items that they will surely treasure. These not only make them feel loved but also encourage them to do better in learning, not only in school but in life itself. They will get inspiration from the hard work you invested on their sewed rewards.

4. You Get To Relate With Your Teens

Steal the hearts of your teenagers with multi-functional fabric-made gifts you’ve sewn. They will surely love and appreciate it! They will probably ask you to sew more or teach them¬†how to sew!

5. You Can Do Denim Repairs

5. You Can Do Denim Repairs | Great Reasons Why Learning How To Sew Is Pure Happiness

Don’t you just hate it when your favorite pair of jeans gets damaged?¬†All you need for your¬†denim fixings¬†are first, your¬†trusty sewing machine, and second, your sewing expertise (that is if you choose to learn how to sew now!).

6. You Get To Earn A Little More

How great is it that you can also make money out from what you love to do?¬†When you love your work, then you aren’t ACTUALLY working now, are you? And when you earn, you learn how to sew happiness together for your family, too. Say in a form of a vacation, perhaps? ūüôā

7. You Can Now Recycle Your Unused T-shirts Into a Skirt

Make your leftover shirts into a trendsetting skater skirt. By upcycling and transforming them into something new and useful, you are giving your old garments another chance to shine.

8. You Can Now Cover That Tear Fashionably

8. You Can Now Cover That Tear Fashionably | Great Reasons Why Learning How To Sew Is Pure Happiness

Patching in style is kind of a thing these days. Save your damaged sweater from being thrown out. Or simply look for a nice one from a thrift store. Then cover that hole with designs and achieve a dusty sweater-chic look for the day.

9. It Has Health Benefits

The health benefits of sewing can be seen from how our minds react to this craft. According to scientific studies, sewing helps calm the nerves and aids in proper body functioning. When you’ve been very busy and stressed from work, find an easy sewing tutorial¬†that will relax you, like small purses or pin cushions you can use on a daily basis. If sewing can aid patients diagnosed with PTSD to overcome their sickness, it will definitely help us too.

10. You Get To Be Creative While Still Keeping It Simple

Display your creative spirit while learning how to sew.¬†Get inventive¬†and don’t be afraid to splash on some color even if you’re still a¬†beginner in sewing projects.¬†Explore and enjoy. Treat it as¬†an adventure!

11. You Can Save Money

11. You Can Save Money | Great Reasons Why Learning How To Sew Is Pure Happiness

You’ll spend a lot buying expensive clothes from the store but sewing–this helps you save more and have more. Or try upcycling¬†your old stuff, like making phone pouch out of an old tie¬†or turning a worn-out pair of denims into a backpack.¬†Not to mention the quality of fabric that you get to decide on. That’s quality and quantity all in one nutshell!

12. You Can Now Make Your Kid’s Outfits

12. You Can Now Make Your Kid's Outfits | Great Reasons Why Learning How To Sew Is Pure Happiness

When you know how to¬†sew¬†new shirts for your kids, you get to customize¬†them according to your kids’ usual activities and interests.¬†Make it more durable and use the fabric that your child will be most comfortable in. Their bright smiles are gratifying bonuses for a¬†sewing¬†job well done! ūüôā

13. It Allows You To Be Unique

You can be¬†yourself and stand out¬†by wearing your own¬†dress projects that flatter¬†your body type.¬†“Flaunt what mama gave you!” as they say nowadays. And remember, age is just a number, so don’t let that stop you from blossoming either. ūüėČ

14. It Feels Great To Create Something New

I feel that I’m on common ground when I say that it feels good to have something new. One of the new things you get to tinker with when you start sewing is organizing your very own sewing room. Or better yet, how about attempting a cute raggedy doll¬†for a change to complete¬†your little girl’s toy shelf?

15. It Helps Stimulate The Mind

One good thing about sewing is¬†that¬†it stimulates the mind–in¬†choosing fabrics, patterns, design, personal touches, and¬†the act of sewing itself. Studies suggest¬†that sewing skills, like measuring and stitching, fuel the brain cells to be able to solve more complex tasks in the future. Isn’t it amazing?

16. It’s Versatile

Sewing is multifaceted because there are so many types of projects that you can do. Its flexibility extends because¬†you’re not just limited to fashion items, but you can also cover home items and crafts!

17. You’ll Be Proud To Use Something You’ve Sewn

17. Be Proud To Use Something You've Sewn | Great Reasons Why Learning How To Sew Is Pure Happiness

If you sew your own well-fitted dress, you’ll gladly wear it with a smile on your face and be proud because you personally¬†made it. Others share the sewing projects they’re proud of by inviting friends over their homes for brunch or wearing it for a friend’s party.

18. It’s Where Future Fashion Designers Can Get Started

18. It's Where Future Fashion Designers Can Get Started | Great Reasons Why Learning How To Sew Is Pure Happiness

Without sewing, there will be no fashion designers (and consequently, clothes). So allow your kids to learn how to sew and let them expand their horizons. Buy them their first sewing machine and let them draw, cut, create, design, and pursue a career in fashion if they choose to.

19. Your Children Will Get to Appreciate Sewing

At an early age, your children will get an opportunity to observe and experience sewing. They will see the time it took to finish his or her clothes and make them happily appreciate the garments you sewed them.

20. It’s Good For The Soul

When you sew, you can concentrate on thinking about good things that will come out of¬†your sewing projects, so you don’t think of anything but beautiful things. This is¬†how sewing¬†becomes good for the soul.

21. It Cultivates Happy Memories

Looking at your finished product, even years after¬†you finished it, makes you glad about it. You can also make projects in memory of your grandfather’s favorite needle case.¬†Or how about making a twin of your grandmother’s doled apron?¬†Sewing truly helps you create and recreate loving memories.

22. You Get To Make Lovely Things That Last

22. You Get To Make Lovely Things That Last | Great Reasons Why Learning How To Sew Is Pure Happiness

When you create and design lovely dresses for yourself or your younger daughter, it will be lovely to see them again even decades after. You can either turn it into a bedroom decoration or let her younger sister wear them when the day comes.

23. You’ll Learn How To Make Garments From The Runway

Envious of how to sew runway garments? Envy no more! There are¬†sewing patterns¬†to guide you on making them and¬†fabric guides¬†to aide in achieving the runway masterpiece you’ve always dreamed of.

24. You Get to Create Something That’s Useful

I love seeing my sewing projects being used by someone else. There’s a sense of achievement in being able to help people in that way–by making and giving them what they actually need. Let’s say you make curtains and pillows as a wedding gift? Use neutral colors to make it blend in with any paint color.

25. It’s¬†Liberating

Sewing tricks¬†will give you the liberty¬†to conceptualize and design your own¬†sewing projects. Savor the freedom to customize your own intimate apparel to become¬†as sexy and comfortable as you want them to be when you know¬†how to sew underwear¬†and boxer shorts. Don’t be afraid and just own it!

26. Sewing Is Fun

26. Sewing Is Fun | Great Reasons Why Learning How To Sew Is Pure Happiness

Sewing is a great way to enjoy and have fun! When you know how to sew, you can create some cool, fun stuff¬†for your kids, your home, and even for yourself! Try making some sports garments for your kids¬†or a flattering crochet top for yourself that you can don on a sunny weekend. ūüėČ Now, whoever said sewing was boring? Here’s a big “pfft” to you! ūüėČ

27. It Teaches You To Be Patient and Passionate

Sewing can do a lot! Aside from being¬†cool and fun, it shows us that anyone from any age can sew anything–from the most basic up to the most complex sewing projects.

28. It’s An Amusing Hobby

If you know how to sew, it can be more than any hobby you can think of. Sewing is pretty much like cooking where you’ll have fun and feel great while whipping¬†homemade recipes!¬†This hobby can let you vent out all that stressful energy by making¬†cute or funny embroidery designs¬†every once in awhile. Let me give you a hint: mermaid blankets are in season, too. ūüėČ

29.¬†It’s Easy

DIY Phone case 229. It's Easy | Great Reasons Why Learning How To Sew Is Pure Happiness

I came across a¬†book entitled, Sewing Is Easy by a fictitious author named Sally Stitch, and I totally agree! It’s like relearning how to ride a bike. You don’t need to shell out a lot to buy sewing¬†supplies.¬†In fact, you can¬†find new and easy sewing ideas on¬†sewing.com. Dig in and start believing and practicing until¬†you finish one sewing project. Before you know it,¬†you’re already a sewist expert!

30. It Builds Self-Esteem

Yes, sewing builds self-esteem. If you know how to sew, you can make a lot for your home, your kids, your partner, and yourself. Doing it in a lovely kind of way¬†makes you have a beautifully-made product that they’ll appreciate more. It’s a skill that everyone can rely on!

31. It Helps You Get Glamorized

I’m not only talking about garnering¬†the critics’ best-dressed award.¬†We’re also involving hair in the glamour part. ūüėČ You can learn how to sew fabric curlers or make stylish head wraps.


Watch this colorful video by Masa Kitani, a sewing expert & fashion designer as she talks about the benefits of learning how to sew:

Knowing how to sew is a worthwhile activity where I get to showcase both my creativity and skill. (Measuring, cutting¬†and stitching¬†ain’t a walk in the park dearie!) It challenges me to create using¬†different types of fabrics¬†and, in¬†the end, it inspires me to make amazing things such as garments, bags, accessories and¬†even stuff for my pooch!¬†I hope these meaningful reasons would be enough to entice you to get started on sewing yourself. I encourage you to start¬†learning how to sew NOW and you’ll get to enjoy it as much as I do! ¬†Remember, practice makes progress!

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Do you want to discover and learn new sewing project ideas? Running stitch your way to here, now!


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8 thoughts on “31 Great Reasons Why Learning How To Sew Is Pure Happiness

  1. Robbie Brewington says:

    Sewing doesn’t have to be a solitary pursuit….there are lots of clubs and quilds out there that you can join. Take classes and don’t be afraid if it’s something you think you’ll never use…..odds are you’ll pick up a technique or two that you can use in your own sewing. (Plus it’s good to broaden your horizons!) Go to a sewing or quilting retreat–even if you don’t know anyone there. Sewists are friendly, helpful, and know that laughter makes everything easier.

  2. catherine says:

    My sewing provides an avenue to do charitable work. I make pillowcases for children’s hospitals, nursing homes, cancer centers, etc. Over a 4 year span I have donated 1,466. Not only does sewing give me the joy of creating, it also gives me the thrill of giving and doing for others.

  3. Suze says:

    My granddaughter has been creating doll clothes for as long as I can remember. Now, at 13, she is creating her 8th grade winter formal. I bought her a simple Singer sewing machine last year, but she often prefers hand sewing because she finds it more relaxing than using the machine.

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