25 Easy Sewing Projects Every Beginner Will Find Inspiring

Anyone new to sewing needs to use this acquired skill more often. I believe the more you sew the more you master the skill. It might be frustrating at times especially when you make mistakes, or when the result isn’t perfect. But take it from me, it happens to everyone, so don’t get disheartened. And if you are going to ask an expert, the person would tell you to start sewing easy projects. This is the only way to spruce up your skills.

Now, if you’re looking for easy sewing projects that you’d like to start with? Well, look no further because we’ve got these sewing tutorials that are so easy to learn and so easy to make. Check it out now and explore these fascinating sewing craft ideas.

25 Easy Sewing Projects Every Beginner Will Find Inspiring

Be Inspired to Sew With These Neat Sewing Project Ideas

We want to learn to sew for so many reasons. We do it to enhance our creativity, to save money, or to acquire a new skill. If you’re a beginner, take courage to learn and to create something new. Remember, all pros started as a newbie like you. So you can definitely do it as well. In fact, I remember my first sewing project, it was horrible. You know how much I love throw pillows, right? So, my first project was a throw pillow cover. Guess what? It didn’t fit my pillow. Yes, it’s frustrating. But, I didn’t quit. I just kept trying, until I finally did it.

So, worry not on making your sewing project perfect. You’ll soon get there. Especially after we will show you how to make sewing a lot easier for you.

So we’ve roundup 25 Sewing Projects made easy for beginners like you. This list will help you get great ideas for your sewing projects. Take a tour now to help you get started.

1. Pink Pincushion

Start off with this adorable sewing project that shows how to make your very own pincushion. It’s perfect for your pins to keep in place while working on your next sewing projects.

Watch this video tutorial by CraftingLuxury on How To Sew A Pincushion In Under 5 Minutes.

2. Pencil Case

This one is perfect for your kiddos. Start working on this pencil case using this tutorial from CrazyLittleProjects. Kids will learn to organize their pens and pencils.

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3. Drawstring Bags

One of the easiest sewings projects that you can make in less than 20 minutes! These lovely drawstring bags are perfect giveaways for your parties and special events. Learn to make it from SewMamaSew.

4. Scented Sachets

A simple sewing activity such as the DIY Easy Scented Heart Sachet is a perfect project you can make together with your kids over the weekends. They are cute and useful for keeping your linens fresh.

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Here’s a video on How To Make An Easy Scented Heart Sachet by Kidspot.


5. The Brigitte Scarf

You’ll want to use your sewing machine for this one. This sewing project is super simple and easy, and is designed to put your basic sewing machine skills into practice. Check out its sewing tutorial for more.


6. Fabric Heart Coasters

Sew a dozen of these simple fabric heart coasters, place them in a box, wrap it with a ribbon and you’ll have the perfect gift for your mom, sister or friend on Valentine’s Day. Here’s the tutorial for you.


7. Knitting Needle Case

Place your needles in a safe organizer and bring this whenever you travel. You’ll have fun doing this DIY sewing project.


8. Pajama Pants

Pajama Pants | 25 Easy Sewing Projects That Every Beginner Will Find Inspiring

Choose warm quality fabrics for the winter, and cool light fabrics if you want to wear them in summer. Here’s how to make this handy sewing project.


9. Crayon Holder

Crayon Holder | 25 Easy Sewing Projects That Every Beginner Will Find Inspiring

Organize your kid’s crayons by sewing this felt crayon holder. But, wait! This ain’t just a crayon holder, but a notepad holder as well. We have the sewing tutorial for you.


10. Simple Leggings

This simple leggings sewing tutorial is super easy to do. Looks so adorable on this cute baby 🙂


Here’s a How To Make Leggings video tutorial by GiannyL. Check it out!


11. Shark Pencil Case

If you love sharks, you’ll be super eager to sew this project. Make one for yourself because it’s fun. Here’s how.


12. Roll-Up Pouch

If you like things to be organized, why not give this a try? You can take this with you whenever you’re traveling. Here’s how to make it.


13. Bookmark

An experienced sewer can make this in about 5 minutes tops. Even a beginner can pull this one off. Isn’t it the easiest? Make your books fabulous by this markers. Here’s how.

14. Skillet Handle Cover

Skillet Handle Cover | 25 Easy Sewing Projects That Every Beginner Will Find Inspiring

Your guests and relatives will admire your fashionable potholders. You can sew a lot of this because it’s super easy. Check out the tutorial.


15. Fabric Keychain

Give this sewing project a try. These handy, little keychains are fun and easy to do, perfect to give as a gift or party giveaways.


16. Leather Fringe Purse

All you need here is a good leather, a pair of scissors, and a sewing machine. An easy sewing project for a newbie like you 🙂


Here’s a DIY video tutorial on How To Make Simple And Convenient Leather Clutch by Guidecentral:

17. Handmade Kimono

Handmade Kimono | 25 Easy Sewing Projects That Every Beginner Will Find Inspiring

You’ll definitely want to sew this up and add this to your wardrobe. An easy-to-do handmade kimono for your next easy sewing project.


18. Lace Skirt

If you want to add a little spice to your outfit, go ahead and sew up this frilly lace skirt. Your girlfriends will admire you for sewing it yourself.


19. Geometric Zipper Pouch

This may look a bit strange to sew, but no! If you read on with the tutorial on how to make it, you’ll definitely love it once you get the hang of sewing it. You also get to apply some basic quilting skills.


20.  Metallic Clutch

This must be the handiest mini metallic clutch that you can rock all night long on the dance floor. Perfect for your cards, mobile phone, and your lipstick.


21. Easter Egg Pouch

This sewing tutorial is so easy and quick and can be done in just 30 minutes. This cute little pouch makes a great coin purse to put your change in, or even your lipstick.


22. Napkins

Napkins | 25 Easy Sewing Projects That Every Beginner Will Find Inspiring

This is the easiest so far. 🙂 Just keep on sewing until 4-sides are done.


23. Lavender Bag

You only need tiny bits of fabrics and lavender for this lovely sewing project. Who would not want this?


24. Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask | 25 Easy Sewing Projects That Every Beginner Will Find Inspiring

If you need to sleep on the day, and when you’re in an airplane, you’ll surely need to wear this. Learn how to do it here.


25. Necktie Envelope

A good necktie is a great piece of gift for him. Start working on this handy, yet convenient sewing project and your hubby will surely be amazed. My husband loves the necktie envelopes I made for him. It keeps his stuff organized when he’s on a business trip.


Watch this video and learn a sewing project you can give as a gift for baby shower:

These things may be very overwhelming for you as a beginner sewer. But just be confident and practice a lot and you’ll be a professional sewer. So get started & have fun doing it.


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9 thoughts on “25 Easy Sewing Projects Every Beginner Will Find Inspiring

  1. Pammoore says:

    I’d choose the Janome as well. I’m more Med advanced and am looking for a new machine now. My 30+ yr old singer is finally saying it’s time to retire so I’m looking for a new one that will allow me to sew reg patterns as well as on jeans and quilting . My dgts want kids so I also will want a machine that might do embroidery for lil ones cute out fits that gammy will make for them?? I’d love to hear your suggestions for this type of machine.

    • Sandy J says:

      I have a previously owned RUBY HusvanaViking ssp. it does great on quilts has a large throat area, mine had the embroidery unit so have done a little dabbling in this as well , results thus far are marvelous.
      ONLY purchase previously owned machines from sewing dealer store whom you know and trust.. I had issues at first from previous owner these were resolved no extra cost to me.. and did not pay full price. brother and singer do not offer as good of compatibility with most AnitaGood or other brand name embroidery designers.

  2. Jonathan Okocha says:

    Nice collection of simple projects for a beginners.
    I am particular about the leather bags.. Thinking of some nice handmade gifts for my girlfriend this holiday.

    I am also working a an interesting small project.. would update you after completing it, maybe you can include on the list.

  3. here it is says:

    Could you please share how to make Face mask in easy and simple steps to sew in home like above for beginners.
    I have almost tried to sew everything in this post and they are very easy to learn.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I’m looking to make a little girls simple cotton dress or skirt. I do tie dyes. Any suggestions. I have a great machine but definitely a beginner. Any easy patterns you would not mind sharing.

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