9 Seamless Tips to Keep Your Sewing Scissors Sharp

Are your sewing scissors sharp? In this craft, dull pair of scissors is a no-no! Chances are you might be wasting your fabric if your scissors are not sharp , since it most of the time chew the fabric. If you need tips to keep your scissors in tip-top shape, then this post is for you. I’ve 9 tips to keep your scissors in shape. Go ahead and read on.

How to Care for Sewing Scissors

A pair of sewing scissors is every sewer’s prized possession. But because of consistent use, scissors eventually get dull and loose its sharpness. That’s why we should always make sure they’re well taken care of.

Keeping scissors sharp and in tip-top shape is a challenge because it comes in different shapes and sizes for specific purposes. Thus, we need to make sure we’re using them correctly.  Here’s a quick roundup of sewing tips that will help you keep your scissors sharp & ready for use at all times!

9 Seamless Tips to Keep Your Sewing Scissors Sharp


1. Invest on all-metal scissors

Invest on a good all-metal scissors | 9 Seamless Tips to Keep Your Sewing Scissors Sharp | Sewing Tools Maintenance

Good quality sewing scissors will last longer, cut better, and can be sharpened over & over again. Keep in mind, all-metal scissors are worth the investment, it is the key to cutting fabric with ease.


2. Avoid pins at all times

Always keep your pins within the paper when pinning your pattern to your fabric. This is to avoid cutting over the pins accidentally.


3. Keep them sharp

Avoid trying to sharpen your scissors yourself at home. There is little chance they can be repaired if you damage the blades. So it is advisable to have your scissors sharpened on a regular basis by a professional scissor sharpener.


4. Keep your sewing scissors safe and never drop them

Keep Sewing Scissors Safe | 9 Seamless Tips to Keep Your Sewing Scissors Sharp

Always keep your scissors in safe storage or cutting table at all times. Dropping them may cause the blades to be misaligned.


5. Wipe them

Always keep the blades free from fabric fuzz and lint by frequently wiping them with a soft and dry cloth, like muslin.

6. Cut fabric at the right spot

When you’re cutting thick and heavy fabrics, rely on the part where the two blades separate near the joint. Cutting heavy fabric with the tips may pull the blades out of alignment.


7. Keep the case closed

To keep your scissors free from dust, use the case at all times and close it.


8. Moisture is a big N-O

Never put your scissors on an ironing board. This will retain the moisture from the steam a lot longer than you may think.


9. ONLY cut fabric

Cut fabric ONLY | 9 Seamless Tips to Keep Your Sewing Scissors Sharp | Sewing Tools Maintenance

Reserve your good pair for cutting only fabric, thread, and ribbons without wire. Don’t get tempted to use your fabric scissors when you need to cut other items.


Here’s a video from National Sewing Circle giving us tips on how to choose the right scissors:

It’s important to use the right pair of sewing scissors for different kinds of sewing job. Take note that a pair of shears has a specific job different from an all-purpose scissors. If you need a tool for ripping, you also have a specific tool for that job. Choosing the right sewing scissors will different make enjoy working on your sewing projects. Trust me!  Happy sewing!


Oh wait! Do you have some tips on how to take care of your scissors? Share your tips with me and write them on the comments box below.

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