17 Must-Have Summer Tote Bags | Sewing Ideas

Complete your look this season with these essential summer tote bags! Gather your beach necessities and sewing materials, and let’s get sewing!

17 Summer Tote Bags to Complete the Season

Summer is the best time to hit the beach, get some quality family time, and snap some gorgeous photos to remember the fun-filled day. However, trips like these always entail having to pack lots of stuff – sunblock, beach blanket, and food. It’s practical to stuff everything into a backpack but that’s not really cute and fashionable. But fret not! We have the perfect solution for you: Tote bags! Here are some fun, fresh, and fashionable summer tote bags you can bring around this season!


1. Tie-Dyed Tote Bag

Summer isn’t complete without any trace of tie-dyed stuff! Linda Matthew’s guide to tie-dyeing a pre-made tote bag is one easy way to start this summer sewing project series. You can also try Linda Matthew’s thirty-minute tote bag to make things more exciting!

2. Tea Towel Tote Bag

Turn your spare tea towels into a cute summer tote bag! This sewing idea is an affordable and creative way to exercise your sewing skills. Learn more about this idea by visiting Helen Rawlinson’s tutorial!

3. Straw Tote

Look extra fab while lounging at the poolside with this lovely handbag! This summer tote bag from We All Sew can be a little challenging to make, but is definitely worth it!

4. Rope Strapped Tote Bag

Rope Strapped Tote Bag | Summer Tote Bags

There is something about navy blue and white stripes that just evokes a classic summer aesthetic. Bring this simple and beautiful vibe with you by recreating The Crafting Chick’s simple summer tote bag! We definitely love the rope touch of it, giving the look a nautical touch.

5. Double-Fabric Tote Bag

Got lots of coordinating fabric laying around? Perfect! This summer tote bag idea from Crazy Little Projects is just right for you. With two matching fabrics, you can easily make this colorful printed tote bag!

6. Nautical-Themed Bag

Nautical-themed everything is just all the rage this season. Match the sea and sand to your tote bag! Recreate this lovely sewing project from So Sew Easy by following their tutorial.

7. Ice Cream-Stamped Tote Bag

Would you believe this tote bag is made from potato stamps? That’s right! This summer sewing project will definitely be a hit with your little ones. Learn more by reading Hello Wonderful’s easy guide!

8. Metallic Print Tote

Discover a shiny, shimmering, splendid world with this metallic print tote bag! Just follow this easy guide from Craftaholics Anonymous to make your version of it!

9. Hexagon Tetris Tote Bag

Summer is all about the colors and patterns! This sewing idea from V and Co uses hexagonal prints of different fabrics that will surely add more color and vibrancy to your summer!

10. Letter and Numbers Ombre Tote

Are you a lover of the written word or a fan of crunching numbers? Then this tote bag is just the perfect summer sewing project for you! This tutorial from I Love to Create offers a great tutorial to help you recreate this sewing idea.

11. Wine Tote

Life is always better with wine around. So make your summer sweeter and better with a handy bottle of wine! This double-pocket wine tote from Infarrantly Creative looks perfect for this purpose!

12. Heart-Painted Tote

Bring some love out and about with you anywhere you go this summer! This ombre heart-painted tote bag from V and Co will definitely take your summer OOTD to the next level!

13. Neon Boxed-Out Tote

Want to make something more challenging and definitely more colorful? Then this sewing project is just the right fit for you! This neon printed tote bag from Made Everyday will certainly bring out the vibrant colors of summer!

14. Pillow Case Tote

Neon Boxed-Out Tote | Summer Tote Bags

Do you have a spare pillow case or two that doesn’t match any bedspread anymore? Well, don’t throw them away just yet. You may turn them into this cute and easy-to-make pillow case tote bag! This idea from Melissa Esplin is both practical and really fashionable!

15. Beach Towel Tote Bag

When you travel over the summer, packing the minimum amount of stuff is key. Save more space by having your towel and bag all rolled into one, literally! Recreate this sewing idea from The Seaman Mom’s step-by-step tutorial!

16. T-Shirt Tote Bag

Shower Curtain Tote | Summer Tote Bags

Statement shirts may have been a thing of the trendy past, but they sure will still come handy! Turn your spare shirts into the perfect summer tote bags! Let Instructables walk you through the whole process to learn more.

17. Shower Curtain Tote

Never worry about water and sand damaging your stuff! With this summer tote bag, everything you pack inside it will remain bone dry. A bonus: It comes cheap as can be! Use any spare shower curtain you have and follow Brit.co’s tutorial!


To learn more summer tote bag ideas, check out this video tutorial by Loepsie:

Summer tote bags are so easy to make but so cute and practical! We simply can’t imagine anything that fits the quintessential summer aesthetic than these tote bags. After making one, or more, of these babies, you’ll be all set to hit the beach and get the best summer day this year!

Do you know of other summer tote bag ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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Editor’s Note – This article was originally posted on February 29, 2016, and has since been updated for quality and relevancy.

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