Maxi Skirt Sewing Tutorial

Are you in the mood for a maxi skirt sewing tutorial that’s simple and ultra chic? Look no further, I’ve got just the thing for you!

Stylish Maxi Skirt Sewing Tutorial

Maxi skirts are always in style. They’re a great go-to item for those days when you feel like covering your legs but don’t feel like wearing pants — perfect for the Spring season! Get started on this maxi skirt sewing tutorial from Cotton + Curls.

Supplies You’ll Need:


  • If you don’t have 60″ wide fabric, don’t fret. A 54″ wide fabric may still work, depending on the width you’d prefer for the skirt. I recommend a width of 55″-60″.
  • You’d also get to squeeze into a smaller size, as long as the size is at least 4-10″ bigger than your hips.

Step 1: Follow The Pattern

Cut out a rectangle — if you’re working with a square of 60”x60”, simply fold it over to make a rectangle. Then mark the pattern seen on the upper right. Before you begin cutting the pattern, ensure the top 3” measures half the size of your waist. Once cut, place pins on the sides to keep the pieces in place as you sew the sides together.

Step 2: Add The Elastic Band

Turn the skirt to reverse the sides and add the elastic band to the waistband. Once you’ve lined the edge of the elastic band to the top, you can begin sewing on zig-zag stitches.

Step 3: Sew The Elastic Band

Flip the skirt back and turn the elastic band’s top inside. Using a top stitch, sew the elastic band to the fabric. You can choose either a zig-zag or a straight stitch for this, as long as you make sure you stretch out the material as you sew.

Step 4: Hem The Skirt

To finish off, hem the bottom of the skirt at 1”.

There you have it! A super chic maxi skirt that won’t leave a dent in the wallet.

Maxi skirts are my favorite things to slip into during spring because they’re so comfortable to wear. I also love how breezy they are, despite how they cover my legs and keep me warm.

Want to see another maxi skirt sewing tutorial? Here’s one that features a high split to show off your long legs:

I hope you enjoyed this maxi skirt sewing tutorial as much as I did. To be honest, I’ve already stocked up on different fabrics for my maxi skirts. I can’t help it, this DIY is perfect for lazy days without skimping on style!

Let us know what you think of this maxi skirt sewing tutorial! Share your comments with us below.


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