20 Easy DIY Sewing Projects You Can Make in Less than 5 Minutes | Beginner’s Tutorial

Sharpen your sewing skills with these 20 easy DIY sewing projects you can make in less than five minutes! Bring out your thread, needles, and scissors and let’s get sewing!

Easy DIY Sewing Projects You Can Make in a Few Minutes

They say, “practice makes perfect.” Doing small sewing projects can definitely sharpen your sewing skills before you move on to complicated projects. Try these easy DIY sewing projects which you can finish in less than five minutes a piece! Not only will you master some special sewing skills, you’ll also get nifty craft pieces that are helpful all around.


1. DIY Blackout Curtain

DIY Blackout Curtain | Easy DIY Sewing Projects
Start flexing your sewing muscles with this very easy and quick DIY sewing project! Curtains can be very simple to make. With your choice of fabric and matching thread, you only need to stitch the hems together. This tutorial from Honey Bear Lane takes it to the next level by placing curtain ring clips so you can just slip it on regular curtain grommets.


2. DIY Infinity Scarf

DIY Infinity Scarf | Easy DIY Sewing Projects

It is ridiculously easy to make an infinity scarf. Cut 1 ½ yards fabric into two lengthwise and sew the ends together. Then, fold the long strip in half and stitch the sides. Secure the loop with stitches. For a step-by-step tutorial, check out this article from SweetCsDesign.


3. Cord Keepers

Keep your sewing space organized with these cord keepers. Simply cut a strip of fabric, attach Velcro at the ends, and voila! This nifty sewing project from LeafyTreeTopsPot can really help in keeping your clutter to a minimum.


4. Easy Drawstring Bags

Speaking of organization tips, how about keeping your sewing tools in a handy drawstring bag you’ve made yourself? With a small amount of fabric, you can quickly and easily make this DIY sewing project. Sew the sides and bottom of two square-shaped fabric patterns. Add a ribbon to tie the bag closed by following this tutorial from See Kate Sew.


5. Ribbon Dish Towels

Learn how to add embellishments by sewing ribbons on dish towels. Not only do you get perfect gift items out of this exercise, you’ll also get to work with pretty fabric ribbons! Get the hang of it with this tutorial from Aesthetic Nest.


6. DIY Zippered Pouch

Working with zippers can be intimidating. Conquer your fear with this really easy DIY sewing project! You can get the full tutorial and pattern from Skip to my Lou.


7. T-Shirt Tote Bags

Clear your closet of unwanted and unused t-shirts by converting them into tote bags! Cut the sleeves and the neckline off. Turn the shirt inside out and sew the hems together. Turn it to the right side and voila! You now have a t-shirt tote bag. Follow the instructions from Instructables to learn more.


8. Tissue Holder

Keep your facial tissues incognito with this little pockets of cuteness! With an easy straight stitch around the edges of your fabric, you can easily recreate this tissue holder in less than five minutes! Follow this tutorial from Hello Creative Family.


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9. Fabric Flowers

Stretch your sewing muscles with this cute and easy DIY sewing project! Fabric flowers always bring your more complex sewing projects to the next level. Make bias tapes out of your fabrics and secure them with a basting stitch. Gently pull on the thread to create a ruffle on your fabric and gather it until it gets that flower shape. Follow this tutorial from Crazy Little Projects to learn more.


10. DIY Pillow

DIY Pillow | Easy DIY Sewing Projects

Add a spot of color to your living room or bedroom with DIY pillows! Fold your choice of printed fabric in thirds and stitch up the hems on the short ends. Follow this tutorial from Rambling Renovators for a more detailed instruction.


11. Toddler Leggings

Toddler Leggings | Easy DIY Sewing Projects

Using a pair of knee socks (Yes! You read that right!), fashion a cozy and easy pair of leggings for your cute toddler! Snip strategic cuts in knee socks before attaching them together with a zigzag stitch. Finish it off with a garter on top. To learn more, follow this easy tutorial from How Does She.


12. Scarf Kimono

Turn a long and wide scarf into a kimono with a few snips and stitches! Fold your scarf in half and sew 2/3 of the length from the bottom to create the armholes. Cut up the middle part and snip the neckline. Voila! This easy tutorial from Keep Up With Us Jones has a step-by-step tutorial you’ll love.


13. Chapstick Cozy

Keep your lip balm from getting lost in the clutter with this amazing DIY sewing project! The days of losing your favorite tube of lip balm have finally come to an end! Using a wide ribbon, create a pocket that will fit the length and width of your favorite lip balm. Attach it to a swivel clip so you can attach it to your key ring or bag zipper. To learn more, visit this tutorial from FindItMakeItLoveIt.


14. DIY Sunglasses Case

DIY Sunglasses Case | Easy DIY Sewing Projects

Avoid getting scratches on your favorite pair of sunnies with this cute DIY sunglasses case. This genius DIY sewing project needs a straight stitch around the sides of your rectangular-shaped fabric, measured with the length and width of your sunnies in mind. Follow this step-by-step guide from Sew DIY to learn more.


15. DIY Maxi Skirt

DIY Maxi Skirt | Easy DIY Sewing Projects

Before moving on to more complex skirt patterns, try making this easy DIY maxi skirt! Choose a stretchy fabric and cut it by following this really easy pattern from Crazy Little Projects.


16. DIY Cloth Napkins and Napkin Rings

Take your mealtime to the next level with a pretty cloth napkin and napkin rings you made yourself! Choose a bright printed fabric, cut it into a square, and make a narrow hem all around the edges. Make it even more special with perfect mitered corners by following this easy tutorial from My 3 Monsters!


17. Phone Charger Case

Get the cutest phone charger case by doing it yourself! With your choice of fabric and print, you can now make your own charger case. Recreate this easy DIY sewing project by following this easy step-by-step guide from Positively Splendid.


18. DIY Skillet Handle Cover

DIY Skillet Handle Cover | Easy DIY Sewing Projects

Save yourself from accidentally burning your fingers at hot skillet handles with this easy DIY sewing project! Use scraps of fabric laying around your home and follow this step-by-step guide from So Sew Easy. You get to practice your straight stitch and get a cool and functional item after!


19. DIY Gift Card Holder

DIY Gift Card Holder | Easy DIY Sewing Projects

Add a little personal touch to your gift cards with this very easy DIY sewing project! You wouldn’t even spend more than five minutes sewing the sides of a quirky fabric and wrapping a nice twine or ribbon around it! Check out this tutorial from Make It Handmade.


20. DIY Bread Bag

DIY Bread Bag | Easy DIY Sewing Projects

Store your bread in cute linen bags that locks in moisture. To make this easy DIY sewing project, get two rectangular-shaped fabrics and sew them at the sides and at the bottom. Attach a ribbon at the top and voila! Follow this easy guide from Saltwater-Kids to learn more.


Check out this video from StyleNovice for her ten sewing essentials!

These easy DIY sewing projects can help you practice your beginner sewing skills. By doing these projects, you familiarize yourself more with the craft and create fun and functional items. So, prepare your sewing tools and start making these projects today!

Do you know other easy DIY sewing projects you can make in a few minutes? Let us know in the comments below!

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Editor’s Note – This article was originally posted on November 4, 2016, and has since been updated for quality and relevancy.

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  1. Lois says:

    Your projects look good. I like the chapstick holder..I use to make crocheted ones,,I think these would take the same amount of time. Plan on trying them out soon

  2. Jan says:

    These items may be easy but I doubt most, if any, can be made in 5 minutes. I’ve been sewing for over 65 years and I’m sure I couldn’t do it.

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