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1. 15 Awesome Decorative Throw Pillows You Can Sew This Fall

Fall has come and it’s time to accent our home with decorative throw pillows in various autumnal designs. But wait, don’t head to your favorite home furnishing retailer yet. Why buy when you can actually sew right? I have here 15 awesome designs that you can sew at home. You won’t believe how these customized pillows will blend in so well with your other autumn home decor… Click to read more

2. Sewing Room Organization Ideas: 11 Brilliant Ways to Store Fabric

Take your sewing room organization to the next level! Find the most effective ways to store your bolts of fabric to keep your sewing efficient. As a sewer, it is only expected to accumulate lots of fabrics. Whether they are in bolts or folded into neat squares, fabrics can definitely take up most of the space in your sewing room. Sometimes, we forget we even have a specific type of fabric because they are buried under a bevy of other cloth. But don’t worry! We’re here to show you 11 brilliant ways to keep your fabrics organized! Click to read more


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