17 Awesome Crochet Blanket Ideas You Can Easily DIY

Sewers and DIYers definitely like new crochet blanket ideas for their weekend projects. With this cold weather, I’m pretty sure everyone’s interest is on something useful for the season. Besides, we need an extra blanket or throw to keep us warm all throughout the cold months. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, you’re going to love the different crochet blanket ideas I have on my list.

My fascination with crochet patterns started during my first pregnancy. I spent my time making baby blankets for my coming child. Eventually, I realized that not only are crochet blankets adorable and functional, they could also be perfect gifts for anyone! Not to mention that they’re perfect practice pieces for your stitches. So without further delay, here’s a list of 17 crochet blanket ideas!

Cuddle With These Awesome Crochet Blanket Ideas!


1. Mermaid Tail Crochet Blanket

My daughter has had a great fascination about mermaids after we watch The Little Mermaid on DVD months back. I can’t say that it didn’t fascinate or give me nostalgia too. So why don’t we bring out our inner mermaid -inner child- with this quirky crochet blanket!


2. Hogwarts House Scarves Crochet Blanket

Perfect for any Harry Potter fan, this crochet blanket will definitely bring back some nostalgic memories and house rivalries! What’s your House? Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin?

3. Dream Crochet Blanket

Say ‘goodbye’ to counting sheep and ‘hello’ to sweet dreams with this dream crochet blanket! With its calming colors and soft fabric, this is one blanket that you’d want to wrap around yourself during a chilly night.

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4. Daisy Crochet Blanket

Spring comes early with this daisy themed crochet blanket! With little to no colorful fauna outside because of the snow, get your dose of color with this blanket!


5. Chevron Crochet Blanket

Chevron Crochet Blanket | Awesome Crochet Blanket Ideas You Can Easily DIY | Easy Crochet Squares

One of my personal favorites, this pattern is also one of the first projects I successfully finished! It’s easy to make and gives off a slightly hippie vibe with its zigzag pattern. Therefore, if you’re feeling nostalgic about the 70’s, cuddle up with this subtle homage to the decade!


6. Hexagon Crochet Blanket

 Hexagon Crochet Blanket | Awesome Crochet Blanket Ideas You Can Easily DIY | Easy Crochet Squares

A touch of fresh air, this blanket has a hexagonal pattern instead of the regular stripes. Compact and tightly crocheted, this blanket will definitely keep you and your family warm!


7. Striped Crochet Baby Blanket

Classic and timeless, this pattern gives off a fluffier look thus being perfect for snuggling sessions with the family! Its pastel and dark colors balance each other out. Their combination, therefore, is giving off an eye-catching look!

8. Merino Crochet Blanket

Easy crochet squares may sound boring but this blanket is out to prove you wrong! Blue and orange isn’t a usual combination but with this pattern, it looks eccentric and in no way boring.

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9. Granny Striped Crochet Blanket

This is another classic that I’m sure almost everyone encountered in their childhood! I remember my own grandmother making a blanket almost exactly like this one. It reminds me of apple pie and afternoons on her front porch.


10. Rainbow Crochet Blanket

Rainbow Crochet Blanket | Awesome Crochet Blanket Ideas You Can Easily DIY | Easy Crochet Squares

How about a splash rainbow color on your bleak winter day? What I love the most about this blanket is the amount of attention to detail it took to get all those different shades of colors! It’s just lovely!


11. Steelers Crochet Blanket

A blanket for your straight-laced friend this holiday season! Mostly made up of more subdued colors with a splash of bright yellow, this blanket will definitely put a touch of fun in his or her daily routine!


12. Vintage Crochet Blanket

Nothing beats vintage. It’s simple and comfy like a favorite blanket should be. And that shade of green! Perfect for relaxing after a long day.

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13. Mod Heirloom Crochet Blanket

Who says winter can’t be beautiful? Of course, it’s not as colorful as summer and spring but its elegance can’t be denied, with its shades of grey and white – just like this blanket!


14. Sunburst Crochet Blanket

The sun may not be out but who says you can’t have your own personal sun? Or dozens of it? With this blanket, you get the beauty of multicolored suns without the burns!


15. Clam Shell Crochet Blanket

How about a taste of summer in the middle of winter? This clamshell crochet blanket evokes fun under the sun: shells, sand, and sun. However, since it’s still winter, let this blanket tide you over until summer comes!


16. Puff Flowers Crochet Blanket

A personal favorite of mine on this list, I’m just itching to get this project started! Different shades of blue, tightly knitted individual flowers – this project will definitely take up time but it will surely be worth it!


17. Ocean Crochet Blanket

Another blanket in the shades of blue, this ocean crochet blanket may remind you of the sea but, it could easily remind you of the beauty of winter as well!


Want to know more about different types of crochet yarns to make these type of blankets? Watch this video below by CrochetHooksYou:

It’s safe to say that my project list just got a whole lot longer. I hope yours did too because there’s a lot of interesting ones on this list! These crochet ideas will fill your home with beautiful crafts of your own creation. Which one is your favorite?

Have you worked on your own crochet blanket before? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on December 2, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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