19 Easy Back To School Sewing Ideas Your Kids Will Adore

Gear your kids up for school with these back to school sewing ideas! They will surely get excited for the first day of school having any of these back to school sewing ideas in their stash. School is just around the corner but we still have plenty of time for some useful things to sew for school. We’ve collected some of the easiest yet creative sewing ideas you can give your kids before school starts. We’re excited for you and your kids for having personalized items mom proudly made herself!

Back to School Sewing Ideas to DIY Before School Starts!


1. Locker Caddy

Keeping things organized on the first day of school is now possible and exciting with this sewing idea! Make your kids this nifty locker caddy to store their school stuff by following Makezine’s tutorial.

2. Messenger Bag

Make your kids feel like they’re stepping it up with these messenger bags! You can even go crazy with your choice of fabric. Follow Crazy Little Project’s guide to recreate this sewing idea.

3. Portable First Aid Kit


Teach the importance of always being prepared to your young ones with this portable first aid kit. Combining style and functionality, Positively Splendid’s take on first aid kits is a wonderful back to school must-have!

4. Cath Kidston-Inspired Pencil Case


This sewing idea is not only for your little ones but also for you! Recreate your own version of Heart Hand Made’s Cath Kidston-inspired pouch and have fun organizing your little bits and bobs. Lifehack: smear wax or unscented lip balm all over the vinyl to make it waterproof!

5. Animal Pencil Topper


Inspire your kids to practice their letters more with this fun pencil topper! With some felt fabric and a sprinkle of creativity, your kids will surely love this sewing idea. Choose which animals you want to make and let Lia Griffith guide you in making these toppers.

6. Reusable Snack Bag

Have fun going green with your kid with this reusable snack bag! This could also be one way to teach them about caring for the environment and its wonderful benefits. Larissa Another Day’s simple tutorial will walk you through the sewing process.

7. Handy Sanitizer Pouch


Keep your kids safe from germs and other microscopic organisms by making sure they have their sanitizers handy! This sewing idea from Sew Much Ado uses a few scraps of fabric and voila! A nice pouch to house your little one’s sanitizer bottle.

8. Cloth Book Cover

Reduce your consumption of plastic by opting to cover your kids’ books with a cloth book cover! You can also tailor this sewing idea to cover iPads and tablets. Read Bee in My Bonnet’s tutorial to learn more.

9. Lunch Money Cuff

Wallet and cool bracelet in one? Say it ain’t so! This revolutionary back to school must-have from Lemon Squeezy Home will surely be your kids’ new favorite thing!

10. DIY Cord Keeper

Do you have any spare fabrics laying around? Perfect! This sewing idea from Leafy Treetop Spot only needs a small bit of it and voila! You can easily get a hold of all the errant cords in your household.

11. Animal Coin Purse


Your little tyke will definitely love this cute and fun sewing project! You may even invite them in making this back to school sewing project. Follow Straight Stitch Society’s tutorial to recreate this coin purse.

12. Fabric Belt

Make your kids’ back to school outfit a lot more colorful! This idea from Make It Love It uses fabric scraps and you’d never know it!

13. Mat/Bed Roll

Sleep is essential for your growing little ones. Keep them well-rested in between fun and informative activities with this DIY bedroll! Visit Pretty Prudent’s tutorial to learn how to make this sewing idea.

14. Roll-Up Pencil Case

Your kids will be bringing lots of books and notebooks to school so space is a precious thing. Make them this cool roll-up pencil case, an idea by Mommy by Day Crafter by Night, so they can save space!

15. Fabric Lanyard

Be sure to keep your kids in the coolest fashion with this fabric lanyards! While this sewing idea from A Colourful Canvas gives a bit of identity and creative expression for your kids, it also gives them the motivation to wear their IDs to school.

16. Period Kit

Your little girl will absolutely love this genius sewing idea. Made from printed fabric, this sewing project from Smart Fun DIY will surely be a personal favorite of your girl this school year.

17. Earbud Pouch

If you have a teenager obsessed with listening to music, then this one’s perfect for you! This DIY earbud pouch from Erin Erickson is cute and will definitely keep their earbuds from missing all the time.

18. Insulated Lunch Bag

Keep your kids’ meal warm and fresh with this insulated lunch bag. You can easily recreate this idea from The Long Thread by downloading the tutorial.

19. Fabric Suspenders

Make room for one more back to school sewing ideas and make this cute and simple pencil holder for your kids! Watch this video by Innova Crafts to learn how:

These back to school sewing ideas are simply the best! Not only do you save a lot in making them, but you are also giving your kids unique school supplies! Saying goodbye to summer vacation, while difficult, would be a lot easier with these on your kids’ backpack!

Which of these back to school sewing ideas are you going to work on? Let us know in the comments below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was previously published on August 25, 2016, and has since been updated for quality and relevancy.

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