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1. 21 Nifty Home Decor Sewing Projects For Thrifty Home Makeovers

Looking for home decor sewing projects for your house interior do-over? If you love the feel of snuggly comfort, you’ll drool over these home decorating sewing projects and ideas that will transform your pad into a neat and cozy wonderland! Click to read more

2. 13 Easy Crochet Patterns For Beginners

Even beginners can create beautiful crochet patterns. You don’t need to go through complicated crocheting steps to create a good one. I’m sharing here a great selection of easy crochet crafts I tried way back when. It helped me polish my skills and become better in this craft. So, I’m pretty sure these will help you too. Besides, these are some of the crochet designs you’d want to spend your time with! Click to read more


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