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1. 19 Easy Back To School Sewing Ideas Your Kids Will Adore

Gear your kids up for school with these back to school sewing ideas! They will surely get excited for the first day of school having any of these back to school sewing ideas in their stash. School is just around the corner but we still have plenty of time for some useful things to sew for school. We’ve collected some of the easiest yet creative sewing ideas you can give your kids before school starts. We’re excited for you and your kids for having personalized items mom proudly made herself! Click to read more

2. DIY Off the Shoulder Top | How To Refashion An Old Shirt

This DIY off the shoulder top project is perfect if you have an old button-down shirt hanging untouched in your closet. If you’d rather not give it away, this refashioning clothes idea will take care of it. Upcycle it and look chic, while the off-shoulder blouse is still a hot fashion trend. It’s also perfect for the warm summer season. Keep scrolling for an easy and stylish DIY off the shoulder top project tutorial from Anne Le’s! Click to read more


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