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1. 37 Brilliant DIY Clothes Tutorials, Ideas, And Clothing Hacks For Women

You’ll want to bookmark these DIY clothes ideas whether you’re a sewing beginner or an expert. A closet spring clean-up, as a part of my 30-day cleaning challenge, hit me with a realization. I got a hoard of unused clothes from old sweaters to jeans and wasting them is a huge DIY-er mistake. This roundup of smart DIY clothes hacks and easy DIY clothes couldn’t be any more perfect and right about time. Learn how to revamp old clothes, DIY old clothes into new, as well as sew clothes from scratch with these DIY clothes ideas! Click to read more

2. Make a DIY Handkerchief in 5 Easy Steps

If you’re getting tired of doing the same old sewing projects and want to make something interesting, try this easy-to-make DIY handkerchief. Whatever your skill level at sewing may be, you’ll definitely enjoy working on this. This sewing project is something that even beginners can do because the instructions are simple and easy to follow. Learn how to make a handkerchief in just five easy steps by following this guide. Who knows − you might just find yourself a new favorite thing to sew! Click to read more


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