Machine Embroidery Designs | 19 Lovely Patterns You Can Do Yourself

Check out these lovely machine embroidery designs you can work on for your own creations! Embroidery is all the rage these days with embroidered garments and accessories. Luckily there are machine embroidery designs online from free machine embroidery designs to embroidery designs for sale. Find inspiration for your own embroidered creations in this roundup of fancy machine embroidery designs!

Machine Embroidery Designs Too Lovely Not To Try


1. Border Patterns

Any plain linen will look pretty and interesting with these embroidery border patterns. You can apply these lovely border patterns to plain bed sheets, pillowcases, hankies. And, even the hems of your skirts and shirts.

2. Under The Sea Embroidery Designs

Turn a simple and plain shirt into a summer outfit with these under the sea embroidery. You may also apply these patterns to towels, hankies, and table napkins.

3. Jacobean Flower Patterns


Have your girls going gaga over their simple napkins, tees, sweaters, skirts, and towels. These different flower embroidery applications will do the trick. You can embroider these designs in their linens and even curtains, too.

4. Zebra Embroidery Design


Make an old sweater or T-shirt look new and interesting again with this girly zebra pattern. Your little girls and even your teens are going to love their new and improved favorite sweater or tee.

5. Under The Rain Umbrella Design


This should make a great and sweetly sentimental personalized gift. Apply this umbrella machine embroidery design on an apron, a tote bag, or a shirt.

6. Intricate Butterfly Pattern

I  must say, this is somewhat of an intricate and complex butterfly embroidery pattern. But, its elegance certainly deserves a spot on your wall as a framed piece of decor.

7. Cat Face Pattern


This cat face pattern would make a subtle yet charming embellishment for pillowcases, tote bags, and even shirts. It is not as intricate and complex as the other designs but it sure makes a statement.

8. Dandelion Design


Dandelions remind me of easy breezy summer days. And embroidered dandelions in skirts and dress remind me of flower power days. This means that I’m not one to pass up on this nostalgic embroidery design.

9. Fall Greetings In Napkin Pattern


If you love hosting parties and get-togethers at home, you’ll love these designs on your napkins. With the fall season in full swing, take time to work on this ‘Happy Fall’ embroidery design.

10. Flower Bouquet Machine Embroidery Design


Isn’t this machine embroidery design lovely for your souvenirs and gift items? Whether for a wedding, a baby shower, or a princess-themed party, these designs will look great on your souvenirs.

11. Coffee Lovers Cup Pattern


Whether on a table napkin, tablecloth, or even hankies, this design will make them interesting. Any coffee lover will love this machine embroidery application.

12. Birds In A Tree Embroidery Designs


Although this is quite an intricate and complex machine embroidery design, wouldn’t you love this on your own tote bag? I sure love the elegant details, they would even be amazing in a dress or shirt.

13. Delicate Autumn Leaves

A thin fabric, like a shawl, will look all the more cozy and homey with this fall leaves embroidery. Apply several of these to your fabric for an autumnal design perfect for the season.

14. Light And Lovely Flowers

Get a cottage feel in your home with curtains or tablecloths embroidered with this simple flower bouquet design. I think they will also look great on your skirts or dresses for a boho chic look.

15. Fluttering Filigree Butterfly


Who doesn’t love butterflies? I totally adore them, especially in this cute and fancy embroidery pattern! I can just imagine this on a nice shirt, but I think they will also look great on pillowcases and linens at home.

16. Inky Hearts Design


Create your own signature for all your table napkins, towels, bathrobes, hankies, and other linens with this elegant machine embroidery design. Your home accessories will simply look like a million bucks with these personalized appliques.

17. Shell Machine Embroidery Design


Onesies and baby garments will look cute and adorable with this shell embroidery. With a simple design like this, you can have all your baby garments embellished with this pattern.

18. Multiple Fabric Applique Butterfly Design


I can’t get enough of butterflies and this multiple fabric appliques top it all. It should look great on pillowcases, tote bags, and aprons.

19. Flower Dancer Embroidery Design

With this intricate and elegant details, your simple dresses, skirts, and shirts will certainly look more fashionable. Make a statement with this flower dancer embroidery design!


Follow this video by TheCraftyGemini for your guide to a beginner machine embroidery project:

Imagine what you can do with embroidery. Simple pillowcases, plain blankets, and old clothes could shine with machine embroidery. You might also make a few bucks from your creations. Learn to make these machine embroidery designs, and you can have more uses for your designs and skills other than around your home!

Which of the machine embroidery designs will you give a try? Share your thoughts about it in the comments section below! 

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on August 21, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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