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1. 35 Best Sewing Hacks That Will Make Your Life a Breeze

Learn the best sewing hacks to make your sewing hobby a lot easier and fun! With these creative and genius sewing tricks, hacks, and hand sewing tips, you’ll be sewing like a pro in no time! Time to head to your sewing room and try these tips! Click to read more

2. Simple And Easy DIY Boxer Shorts | A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Learn how to make DIY boxer shorts and you will never have to buy this garment ever again! Boxer shorts make such comfortable undies or sleepwear on hot summer nights. Even I love wearing boxers to sleep! Sewing DIY boxer shorts is also super easy–fun, even. But the icing on the cake is the money I save from making boxers on my own. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with these DIY boxer shorts to sew for everyone in the family! Click to read more

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