Don’t Miss These Posts On Sewing…

1. Machine Embroidery Designs | 19 Lovely Patterns You Can Do Yourself

Check out these lovely machine embroidery designs you can work on for your own creations! Embroidery is all the rage these days with embroidered garments and accessories. Luckily there are machine embroidery designs online from free machine embroidery designs to embroidery designs for sale. Find inspiration for your own embroidered creations in this roundup of fancy machine embroidery designs! Click to read more

2. 29 Basic And Complex Sewing Techniques Sewers Should Master

Learning these essential sewing techniques will advance your know-how in fabric crafts and DIY garments. Master these essential techniques and for sure, you’ll be making quilts, embroideries, and even your own outfits from scratch and in no time! Click to read more

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