286 Sewn Kitchen Accessories For A Festive Yet Functional Holiday

Needlework with these sewn kitchen accessories is definitely on my to-do list during the autumn and winter seasons. From sewing kitchen towels to making stylish aprons, you’ll surely find something interesting to make. If you’re looking for the perfect sewing activities to do, you’ll find these awesome sewing projects interesting while waiting for the weather to get warmer.

Sewn Kitchen Accessories To Make This Season

1. Easy Hanging Hand Towel Sewing Tutorial To Smarten Up Your Kitchen This Holiday

You can probably say I’m the ultimate all-around homemaker. I maintain a garden, I DIY stuff around the house and make some mean pumpkin pies. These fall and winter seasons, with fewer activities in the garden, I’m excited and up for some sewing hand towels to brighten up my kitchen.

All the baking and cooking in your oven will go through this time of year, you’ll appreciate this handy hand towel hanging in your oven. Give this to a friend or family who loves cooking and your thoughtfulness will surely be appreciated.

2. Pop Some Colors On Your Dining Table With These DIY Coasters

Coasters may be undervalued, but I’m positive your friends and family will appreciate your labor of love with this gift. This should be one great idea for taking care of fabric scraps.

3. How To Design Your Own Personalized Crochet Cup Coozy

Isn’t this idea as smart as it is cute? You’ll love drinking your hot cup of coffee or tea even more with this easy-to-make coozy. Your office buddies will surely adore this coozy for a gift. You can also make some crocheted versions of a coozy for your girlfriends.

4. Crafty And Adorable Quilted Lunch Bag For Your Kids

It’s not too late for you to be making this lunch bag for your kids. This should be great for adults too, and they also make great gifts. If you’re into a sustainable lifestyle, you’ll love this idea!

5. How To Make A Placemat Cutlery Holder

Make this smart cutlery holder and placemat in one as a way for you to avoid using disposables. With a neat organizer, bringing silverware instead of disposables will be more convenient and environment-friendly.

6. Christmas Cutlery Pockets

Besides napkins, why not try these cutlery pockets for a change at your Christmas dinner table? It’s so easy yet ingenious, it’s a wonder I have never thought of this before.

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7. Handmade KitchenAid Stand Mixer Cover

Give your baking tools some love and make this KitchenAid mixer cover. A store-bought mixer cover can cost big bucks, so get all your money’s worth and make one of your own you can be proud of.

8. DIY Oven Mitt And Hot Pad


Hot pads and oven mittens are simple kitchen aids, but their usefulness is undeniable. They’re such a part of your kitchen, you should customize your own.

9. Grocery Bag Holder

Plastic bags cannot be entirely avoided, so while you’re on your way to being plastic bag-free, always try reusing them in any way. Make yourself this neat grocery bag dispenser to organize your plastic bags.

10. Double Pot Holder With Pockets


Always have some handy hot pads or mittens by the oven. This double pot holder is brilliantly designed with pockets to neatly insert and secure your hands, plus its bracketed design allows you to hang it over the oven handle.

11. Fabric Napkin Bread Warmer

Keep your freshly baked buns and breads fresher and warmer for longer with this neat fabric napkin bread warmer. It’s quick and easy to make so you won’t have to use disposables again, which means less waste.

12. Drawstring Produce Bags

Trade plastics and all sorts of disposable bags with this easy-to-sew drawstring produce bag. You won’t have a problem with plastic or paper bags tearing apart while carrying your groceries indoors.

13. Tortilla Warmer

For all you Tex-Mex food lovers out there, you’ll fall for these tortilla warmers you can sew. I couldn’t help it myself when it’s as charming as it is practical.

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14. Microwave Bowl Potholder

Some may think of this as a simple idea but for homemakers and cooks, this bowl pot holder is one brilliant idea. How often do we struggle with soup when a pair of mittens just doesn’t do the job well enough?

15. DIY Insulated Fabric Beverage Holder


A simple piece of cloth or paper towels will do for holding cold bottles, but fabric beverage holders? They’re perfect for the job, so I’m definitely doing this one!

16. Large Hot Pad

Your table runners are for the dining table, but to protect the surface of your countertops, this large hot pad is ideal for casseroles. Some basic quilting skills are all you need for this project.

17. Fabric Bin Utensils Holder

You won’t have to place layers of paper towels over a plastic utensil bin when you have a fabric bin or caddy. It’s absorbent in itself so you won’t waste any paper towels, plus it’s so charmingly vintage.

18. Easy-To-Sew Dinner Napkins


I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I go look for elegant dinner napkins, they usually cost more. Now, I’m picking fabrics I like, some darling ribbons, and making dinner napkins of my own to charge myself less.

19. Folded Pot Holder

Here’s a potholder with a twist you’ll adore. I’m sure your friends and family will love these as gifts, too. It has pockets where you can insert recipes, spoons, and spatulas as extras.

20. Reversible Placemats


These fabric placemats should be perfect for people who detest plastic placemats (like me). It’s easy to sew, so you can make sets of these to give as gifts.

21. Fabric Gift Pouch


These fabric bags make great gift bags and I’m eyeing some cookies and pastries to put in them. They also make great storage for beans and other dry goods.

22. Self-Binding Napkin


Green living isn’t just a passing trend but a lifestyle to stay. Start with using fabric napkins you can reuse. Make these self-binding napkins which are double-sided, so they last longer with frequent washing.

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23. Reusable Flip-Top Snack Bags

Trade Ziplocs for these reusable and environment-friendly bags for your snack bags. It got flip tops to secure your goodies inside.

24. DIY Mixing Bowl Cover

We often use aluminum foil and paper towels to cover a mixing bowl when proofing the dough. Why not use a fabric cover with an elastic band you can easily sew? It stays secure over the bowl, and you won’t have to discard it as waste after use.

25. Baked Potato Bags

Put 2 to 3 potatoes in this bag, pop it in the microwave to cook, take it out, bag and all, and you’re ready to go. Like what you’re reading? Make this potato bag you can sew now.

26. Fast And Easy DIY Coaster


I can’t believe this coaster is easy to sew for all its sophisticated and complex-looking design. Trust me, check it out and you’ll be as surprised as I am.

27. Convenient Casserole Carrier

Showcase both your cooking and sewing skills when you get invited to a potluck with this convenient casserole carrier. I’m sure your mom, daughter, or sister will also love this as a gift.

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28. Pot Holder Pocket

Some may think of having this pot holder over-accessorizing, but I’m loving it! I love dressing my dolls up as a kid, and now I get to do it with my pots and pans for practical purposes.

29. DIY Cloth Napkins

Paper towels and napkins just won’t do at my dining table, so I always keep a stack of fabric napkins. They make my table setting extra elegant and special.

30. Fabric Soup Bowl

Keep your bowl of soup warm and keep your hands protected from the heat with these fabric bowls you can sew. Sew a bunch of these and give them as presents this holiday.

31. DIY Dishcloth

Use terry cloth for this dishcloth project as it is comfier and super absorbent. Now add strips of cloth from fabric cuttings you’ve saved, which is for hanging the dishcloth with. You can even make more of these as gifts.

32. 17 Nifty Fabric Baskets To Organize And Prettify Your Home

Trade your plastic baskets and go practical and old-fashioned with fabric baskets you can use for organizing just about anything in the kitchen or anywhere around the house. Trust me, organizing has never been this fun with fabric sewing baskets.

33. 9 Christmas Dish Towels You Can Sew For The Holiday

Paper towels may be ‘in’ this generation, but I won’t trade them for my lovely and comfy dish towels. Good thing I can have different dish towel designs with these ideas.

34. 10 Table Runners Perfect For A Memorable Thanksgiving

If you think table runners are just for show, think how your table surface is kept protected from moisture and heat with a barrier. Well, they do also make the table look good and you’ll find some of the loveliest table runners here.

35. 79 Crafty DIY Potholder Sewing Patterns To Add Life To Your Kitchen

For a simple sewn kitchen accessory as potholders, the designs are endless. Take your pick of some of the niftiest and prettiest pot holders here.

36. 123 DIY Apron Pattern Ideas That Will Inspire You In The Kitchen

Take your pick of a fashionable and serviceable apron from any of these 123 DIY aprons to choose from. With this extensive list, you’ll surely find the perfect one for you.


Sewn kitchen accessories have such an old world charm to it, I can’t help falling for them. On a more serious note, sewn kitchen accessories are what we all need for less waste and a reduced carbon footprint from each household who prefers non-disposable kitchen implements. For your kitchen and gift ideas these holidays, have your sewing machine ready and consider these sewn kitchen accessories!

Do you know of other sewn kitchen accessories to make this season? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2017 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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