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1. How To Sew A Simple Summer T-Shirt Dress

Learn how to sew a summer t-shirt dress with the season almost up! Don’t go on a clothing shopping spree and end up with an empty wallet before the season ends. Instead, empty your closet and look for the perfect material you can up style. You will learn how to add material to a t-shirt to make a dress, here. Follow this easy DIY t-shirt dress pattern and simple design and let’s get started! Click to read more

2. 15 Sewing Room Organization Hacks For Hassle-Free Sewing

As sewers, we’re always on the lookout for sewing room organization hacks. We all know, half the work in sewing gets done from an organized sewing room. With chaos and clutter being a huge and normal part of a creative job, the organized part is somewhat hard to work out. Luckily, you have sewing room organization ideas to help you pull both the organized and creative part of sewing. Take this roundup of nifty sewing room organization hacks to help you out! Click to read more


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