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1. 20 Easy DIY Sewing Projects You Can Make in Less than 5 Minutes | Beginner’s Tutorial

Sharpen your sewing skills with these 20 easy DIY sewing projects you can make in less than five minutes! Bring out your thread, needles, and scissors and let’s get sewing! Click to read more

2. How To Sew Placket On A Sleeve | Sewing Tutorial

Learning how to sew placket can be overwhelming for someone new to this hobby. Take the plunge, and learn how to make a placket with this easy tutorial and pattern! A sleeve placket is the opening or slit on your sleeve which helps the cuffs and bands fit snugly around the wrist. Sewing a sleeve placket has many different methods. You’ll find the easiest sewing placket tutorial here. Get your things ready and let’s get started! Click to read more

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