Don’t Miss These Posts On Sewing…

1. 25 Basic Sewing Skills Every Beginner Must Learn

Sewing may seem intimidating, but mastering basic sewing skills will make life easier! When I first learned how to sew, I worked on basic hand sewing stitches. I stuck mostly to beginner sewing patterns, and my mother taught me to learn as I go. As time passed, I was able to make more complicated and intricate projects… Click to read more

2. 16 Sewing Room Organization Ideas

For sewing devotees, organizing your sewing space can be incredibly rewarding and therapeutic. A well-organized sewing room is usually where magnificent sewing projects are brought to life. Check out this list of themed sewing room ideas to inspire you. Take a stab at organizing your sewing room with these creative DIY home organization ideas! Click to read more

3. Re-purpose Your Skirts Into Stylish Summer Shorts

Turning any skirt into stylish DIY summer shorts is a fun and cool project! Plus, you’ll get to make something fashionable with a little hard work and skill. A pair of shorts is a summer must-have, so we’ve provided step-by-step instructions for you that will turn your old skirt into a summer wardrobe staple. Let’s get started! Click to read more


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2 thoughts on “Don’t Miss These Posts On Sewing…

  1. Louise LeBlanc says:

    I want to know where I can buy the rug in this picture. This would complete the look in my sewing room. I have art work that I made that says “S E W” and is covered in buttons then I have “buttons” made of thin wood painted and the “sewn” in the middle with embroidery floss. It is all so cute for my sewing room.

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