17 Easy-To-Sew Door Draft Stopper Ideas

17 Easy-To-Sew Door Draft Stopper Ideas

A door draft stopper is certainly an underrated household item– but it shouldn’t be! I’ve long mastered the art of combining functionality and fashion, so you’ll surely please everyone in your home with these door draft stopper ideas.

Easy-To-Sew Door Draft Stopper Ideas


1. Simple Door Draft Stopper

If you don’t have much time to spare on your sewing machine but would still prefer a nice-looking door draft stopper over a rolled-up carpet, this one’s for you! Hefty and secured with a handle, this draft stopper can be done in no time!

2. Crochet Door Draft Stopper

Crochet may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a draft blocker. With their tiny holes, surely the wind will still be able to slip in, right? Wrong! This tight-knit draft stopper will surely get the job done!

3. Mismatched Socks Door Draft Stopper

Colorful and adorable mismatched socks shall find their new life as part of this snake draft dodger! Now you can use your old socks instead of chucking them in the nearest trash bin!

4. Red And White Door Draft Stopper

If classic yet festive is your approach to design, then this red and white draft stopper would be the perfect addition to your home! Not to mention that you could still use it as decor when the holidays roll around!

5. Upcycled Old Tights Draft Stopper

Upcycling’s still in this 2018! Pull out those old tights and cover it with old gift wrapping tubes as door draft blocker. Isn’t it brilliant? 🙂

6. Blue Striped Door Draft Stopper

One of the simplest ones on this list is this blue and white tube draft stopper which exudes an old-world charm that I never tire of looking at. It gives off a cozy  vibe – precisely what you want to look at when you’re all warm and resting.

7. Lace Trim Door Draft Stopper

From modern world to a touch of vintage, this lace trim draft stopper mixes sleek modern design with lace and polka-dots. Perfect for those caught between the old and the new!

8. DIY Branch Draft Stopper

Realistic as it seems, this draft stopper will not be responsible for any stubbed toes! Craving for sunlight and spring? Here’s a subtle reminder of what’s to come in a few months.

9. Faux Wood Door Draft Stopper

The faux draft stopper reminds me of warm outdoors and sounds of nature. A favorite of my husband who just craves to be outside, this would also be a perfect gift for any friend or relative of yours who loves the forest!

10. Mickey Mouse Door Draft Stopper

Mickey Mouse is the favorite television character of many children around the world. Delight and amuse them with this draft stopper done in the character’s likeness!

11. Door Draft Excluder with Applique


Appliques are perfect for personalizing items! Make your draft stopper quirky and unique by choosing your own appliques!

12. Fabric Dog Door Draft Stopper


As you know, I’m a big fan of dogs, as we have one at home! These adorable and fluffy dog draft materials are almost impossible for me to let go of! They’re just so cuddly!

13. Handmade Snowman Door Draft Stopper

An icon of cold now becomes an icon for keeping heat in! Good thing this snowman is not made from snow or else it would’ve melted already!

14. Dual Door Draft Stopper

Not quite convinced with covering just one side? Well, look no further than this dual door draft stopper! Now you can rest safe and sound because no heat is escaping!

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15. A row of Houses Door Draft Stopper

I never thought I’d see the day that I would think; “A row of houses would look so cute at the bottom of my door.” But lo and behold, this draft stopper is simply creative and adorable!

16. Upcycled Denim Door Draft Stopper

Don’t throw out those old jeans just yet! Give them a second chance to warm you up by upcycling them into good-looking draft stoppers!

17. Crochet Dog Door Draft Stopper

Last but definitely not the least, this crochet dog door draft stopper! A bit more time-consuming, but definitely worth every second! Just look at that sweet face and the fuzzy tail!


Looking for more tips on how to make a door draft stopper? Check out this video from DoltOnaDime! 

Now that you have a great choice for your first (or third) door draft stopper, you also have one more way to keep your electricity bill down! You can even give them as useful gifts to your loved ones – I’m sure they’ll definitely appreciate it!

Which one of these door draft stoppers caught your attention? Which one are you itching to start on? Tell me in the comments below! 

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2017 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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