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Feature | Easy Crochet Poncho Patterns for Women | Crochet Projects

With the winter season upon us, it’s time to do a quick round-up of free crochet poncho patterns for women. Ponchos are one of the easiest garments to make and throw on, yet it is also one of the most versatile. They can be made all year-round but it’s best worn during the fall and winter seasons. These ponchos come in different styles and fashionable appeal and you’ll find the right one to keep you warm and cozy through the cold months! Take a look at these 17 exquisite crochet poncho patterns for women to try!

Crochet Poncho Patterns for Women: Easy Winter Projects

How To Crochet A Poncho

1. Granny Square Poncho

First on this list of free crochet poncho patterns for women is the granny square poncho. The granny square poncho is a classic style, but there’s nothing really granny-ish about this knit poncho. The overall look of this poncho will ultimately boil down to the color combination you’ll use. You can use funky colors to stand out in a sea of neutral colors this fall or keep it neutral for easy pairing with your other crochet clothes.

2. Plaid Blanket Poncho

If you’re a fan of the classic plaid, it’s a no-brainer that this is the crochet project you must take on. It’s not really made out of a plaid blanket, but that’s the look we’re going for here. You can also make this plaid blanket poncho, into a baby blanket using pastel colors.

3. Dragonfly Poncho

This dragonfly poncho is quite unique. The little dragonflies are so cute and making this poncho will surely be fun! You can knit this poncho as women’s clothing or make one for the kids, too.

4. Tweed Under Wraps Poncho

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Tweed is one of those popular fabrics in the fall and winter seasons aside from yarn. The texture is gorgeous and the design is very elegant. So if you’re looking for a poncho that is more toned down but still represents your style game, click and instantly download this free crochet pattern for tweed under wraps poncho.

5. Classic Two-Tone Poncho

When in doubt, you can always go back to the basics, like this crocheted poncho. While the granny square poncho has a classic design, you can also never go wrong with making this classic two-tone poncho. Its simplicity is what you’re after, to be honest, and it’s perfect for those T-shirt and jeans days or if you’re looking for an alternative to women’s sweaters!

6. Four Square Poncho

If you fancy the granny square poncho, then the four square poncho is another take on it. The general concept is pretty much the same, except with this one, you’re only going to make four big squares and knit them together. For this style, go for neutral colors as the pattern is intricate enough, and wear women’s shirts in light colors underneath.

7. Kitty Cat Poncho

Feeling feisty in the chilly weather? If you are, then this is the perfect poncho for you. This kitty cat poncho is all about having fun and letting the kid inside you out! It’s a very adorable design and you can make one of these for you and the kids.

8. First Born Crochet Poncho

Thick crochet sweaters may be too bulky and it may be a chore to carry them around, especially if you’ve got tons of things on you. On the other hand, harsh winter weathers make it necessary. Thankfully, this beautiful first born crochet poncho is a great poncho sweater against the biting cold!

9. Molly Poncho

Inspired by Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter series, this poncho will certainly evoke the coziness and warmth of a mom’s hug. It’s a beautiful piece of work and the design is very intricate. Do feel free to exercise your own creative freedom in this free pattern for a Molly poncho, especially when choosing the sequence of the chains.

10. Oversized Crochet Hooded Poncho

There is only one word to describe this poncho — lovely! If you’re looking for a gift for Mother’s Day, this will definitely warm your mother’s heart. You’ll find the poncho and shawl patterns for this oversized crochet hooded poncho a great addition to your sewing projects!

11. Timeless Boho Poncho

Timeless Boho Poncho | Easy Crochet Poncho Patterns for Women | Crochet Projects

For those who’ve always loved the boho style, this is a must-have in your wardrobe. This beautiful timeless boho poncho is definitely worth your time and efforts with the crochet hook. Check out the free crochet pattern and make your own boho poncho!

12. Cross Country Poncho

This cross-country poncho got its name because Alexandra of Two of Wands loved bringing this with her on road trips. The poncho is dual-purpose. It works as a poncho and a blanket at the same time! Plus, you’ll love its modern look. It’s so chic!

13. Mandala Yarn Crochet Poncho

https://www.instagram.com/p/BgqjQ0OF7tF/ Don’t you just love those mandala beach blankets? But if summer is long gone, you might as well make a mandala crochet poncho! The blue ombre is perfect here and you can also recreate the colors of this free crochet pattern. It’s absolutely stunning!

14. Fringed Poncho

Are you into fringe? A lot of women who love fringe, even on bags, pillow cases, even earrings–especially on ponchos! There are plenty of fringed poncho ideas out there, but this specific one from Drops Design has a plain design, cowl neck, and the fringes all work brilliantly together!

15. Cozy Cowl Cape Poncho


If you want another knit crochet poncho with a cowl neck, this cozy cowl cape poncho is giving your favorite poncho a run for its money. It’s actually a very simple design and a good crochet project for beginners. But, the final product is nothing short of charming.

16. Poncho Sweater

Make your own poncho sweater, because, why not? If you’re looking for a poncho that will do its job of keeping you warm without really looking like the average poncho everyone would wear, then you got a winner right here!

17. The Topcho


Finally, among this list of free crochet poncho patterns for women, it’s time to introduce something new — the topcho! It’s a top and poncho in one. This poncho ideal to wear when the weather isn’t too cold yet, or perhaps, you can wear it like how you would a vest. It’s all about your fashion choices, but the topcho will certainly be turning heads!


Match this slouchy crochet hat with any of the crochet poncho patterns for women here. Check out this tutorial from Melanie Ham!

Now that you’ve got these crochet poncho patterns for women for your next poncho project this fall and winter, what are you waiting for? These patterns are nice and easy (not to mention, stylish!), so start crocheting! On the other hand, if you want to wear something fuss-free unlike coats and jackets, crochet your ponchos to be thicker. If you’re a beginner, taking on these projects can feel a bit intimidating. Just keep practicing and you’ll be churning out ponchos and coats out in no time!

Which one’s your favorite from this list of crochet poncho patterns for women? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note – This article was originally published in October 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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